we took a walk in the hills; beauty (in the form of people and nature) spilled over and the wind rustled our hair and colored our cheeks rosy.  

tea and a watercolour

One of my latest watercolors; the beautiful Audrey Hepburn.

Lately I've been sipping tea and painting Miss Hepburn and laughing and soaking in the lushness of summer and, of course, getting ready for school (sob); this summer has been rich and full, packed with memories and stories and adventures that seep and sink deep, then flurry away, like the rush and flow of the summer wind.  How has your summer been?
xx, acacia

PS It's lovely to be back again. :)


I'm home now but will be taking a short hiatus from blogging; our time in Montreal + America was full and spilling with laughter + joy so I look forward to writing and sharing images and thoughts in a few weeks' time. 

I hope your summer has been rich and beautiful,

xx, Acacia