Okay... I admit, I love fashion and design... I love vivid, vibrant colors; colors that put a spark into your day and a smile on your face.  I also admit that I love walking into a Gap shop with the scent of Gap clothing floating and humming around.  I love spontaneous findings of beautiful colors and wonderful scents.  For example:  I was walking into my dad's work place the other day, and a array of beautiful colored flowers were spread under an area of trees ... flowers, flowers, flowers; beauty, beauty, didn't stop.  It was beautiful.  That's God's kind of fashion.  I love God's kind of fashion.
    Picture taken at the University: 

Matthew 6:38
"And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin.

    God wants us to enjoy life; and enjoy His colors and His fashion.   Although clothing and shoes aren't really God's creation, he did give people talents to design beautiful things.

Take, for example, this type of shoe... it makes me smile. :O)  (The blue ocean in the background bribed me into liking the shoe even more).
{credit} for picture numer 2

Enjoy the colors that God has put in the world.

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