welcome, summer.

 As I walked outside a deliciously warm, ripply breeze tossed my hair and made the long, sleek grass sway and dance. Trees whispered as the breeze tossed its leaves; and azure skies mingled with whimsical, pure-white clouds. 
The lawnmower continued to hum and the fresh grass scent floated about.  A young girl came running up to her mother wrapped in a pink towel: she smelt like chlorine and fresh grass.  Her mother embraced her and whispered a few words. Smiling, hand-in-hand, they ran in side and came back with sweet, sticky, scrumptious ice cream in hand.  ::thanks, summer, for coming.::   

  I'm entering the photo above in little something's photo challenge. :)  aren't strawberries the definition of sweetness?!    
--acacia (ahh cass ee ahh)

P.S.  thought you'd like to know:  summer starts March 27th in England.  


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  2. Anonymous27.4.11

    These look delicious!

  3. That's lovely, Acacia!
    Yes, I love strawberries. :)