miscellany monday

 Bubbly laughter danced up a gateway, the scent of fresh bread hung in the house, trees whispered as the breeze tossed its leaves, and children ran inside -- with hands and feet smothered in dirt.  The world was fresh and full of life.  Sprinklers whirred.  Lawnmowers hummed.  Bees droned and danced near a flower patch. 
God was present.

1.  All day long the color gray stretched across the sky.  Gray covered the universe -- my universe -- my little town.  Then, spontaneously, a bright ray of sunshine squeezed through the grayness of the sky.  Bliss.

2.  I got creative and wrote love with some paint... on a window sill.  This was only remnants of what was left I cleaned the paintbrush.  

3. ... getting new shoes and a new shirt from Gap.  {{ Love. }}  :) 

4.  This flower... I just like it.  :)

4. Elmer's glue 'blobs' came to the rescue when I couldn't find my glue stick. (Thanks, Elmer's!) 

6.  beautiful buds.

disclaimer -- not my photo
6.  A dream bedroom.  Oh my, I love this room.   Look at it -- clean, cozy, cheery... refreshing.  And although pink isn't my favorite color, this room and the flowers below make me love it so much more.


7. A bud peeking out through crack in the fence -- reaching for summer.

8. Petals.  *sigh*  I love them. 
I felt like a bride when I walked though all these petals...

9. In a Cath Kidston shop.  

Bags, bags, bags!  

Cute, vintage shelf. :)  

10. Random collage I found and liked -- though, I should be posting this picture in the winter time.  But, one of the bottom pictures of this collage are perfect for this time of year!  ;) 
Disclaimer -- not my photo
10. Guess who?  Moi! 

11. I'm really like taking pictures of blossoms, flowers, and beautiful things... can you tell?

12.  Scrumptious mango.  

13. Yup -- that's me -- and, yes, I do gymnastics. 

14. I love this picture... green, life, alive, and small bokeh... then you have the brown colors... ahh

15.  Making math pages form a heart. 
16.  More beautiful things
'the heavens declare the glory of God'

16. Green houses + sunlight + warmth = a rejoicing me.

17. Isn't this a b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. scene?   Taken in one of the colleges at Oxford University. (Yes, the real Oxford university!)

What are some miscellaneous things you've done?  What are  some small things in life that make you smile? 


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  1. lovely photos. I just kept scrolling down and seeing more beauty.

    Have a wonderful monday!

  2. Especially love the photo of the math book heart. I hate math so that brings an extra element to the photo for me. Like turning something ugly into something beautiful.

    Love your music as well!

  3. beautiful photos...love cath kidston bags & i hope to own one some day ;)
    happy monday!

  4. So beautiful!
    What is bokah?