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whimsical wonders :: clouds

Whirring -- moving at 432 mph, the plane glided while I sat with my chin propped up on the palm of my hand, my eyes wandering on views outside of my plane window... I passed a group of clouds, and captured their delicate beauty.  
(This picture has got to be my favorite one taken in june so far). 

Reminiscing on spring... looking back at old photos. 

ecouter :// to listen in French

Music.  (It means so much to me... really.)

They light up the ground, and bring a smile into my day.  


 I highly recommend you to get these tins...  They open and close and contain lovely little things. 

undecided weather.
... this English weather keeps on changing.  Some days I feel like wearing a warm, wool sweater and sitting down with a good book.  Other days, I'm feeling like grabbing my swimsuit and diving into a cool pool.  

(and in case you didn't know...)

What about you?  What's your favorite weather like?

                     (me) ... acacia


  1. Acacia, I love the moment that you captured in the clouds...moments like these, and so many others, remind me that God is closer than we think...and...I give thanks!...Ecouter bien pour sentir Sa Presence... :)
    You ask what kind of weather is my favourite weather?...I like to feel 'a nip in the air' and, if it happens to be sunny and bright or slightly cloudy, as the fall approaches...I am okay with that.
    We are, also, experiencing 'yo-yo-like' weather, here in Montreal.
    Keep 'capturing life'... as you do so well! :)

  2. Anonymous30.6.11

    i absolutely LOVED the first picture, so gorgeous!

  3. I LOVE thunderstorms- the enveloping plop, plop, plop from the rain plus the loud CRACK of lightning make me want to cuddle in my room with a nice blanket and a good book :) Thanks for sharing your images.


  4. Wow, that picture from the airplane is AMAZING! :) I really like it!
    Brighton boxes are cute. ;) When I was younger and my Mum could afford to buy things like that, I always loved getting the boxes once she took the jewelry out.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog! I'm glad you think I'm a good writer...I try. ;)

    Have a good day! Your blog is pretty nice as well. :)

    ~hannah grace

  5. lovely photos. and i love any weather in moderation. unless it is sun. i like it to be sunny for a LONG long time.

    did that make sense?