it's been a while.

  Hey!  -- I've missed you!  (A lot.)  Currently my summer is bursting with life, color, and adventures... and warmth.  Goodness, looking back, it was hot today.    
  What is your summer like at the moment? 
   I'm looking forward to sharing lots of lovely photos with you soon... (yes, more photography posts comin' soooon).  But I've been so busy lately, I haven't had time to upload, edit, post, photos.  :P
  I look forward to writing to y'all really soon!  Oh, and before I forget, thanks for all your sweet comments! You guys really make my day.  :O)
   Much love!

 p.s. what is a post without a picture?!



  1. Hi, Acacia!

    I love the picture and your new header! It's so whimsy and dreamy...:D

    I e-mailed you awhile ago {about guest posting next month} and I haven't had a reply, so I was wondering if you are still interested.

    Please contact me if you still are, dear. :)

    Love from a sister in Christ,

  2. Hi Acacia, I'm Chloe and I live in Australia. I also love photography...and summer...and the beach...and the song playing on your blog! :) Oh, and Jesus of course! :) Chloe x