miscellaneous ramblings

001.   black and white.

There is something about black and white that truly demonstrates the potential of the main object in the picture.  Black and white evokes nostalgic feelings, it makes one yearn for the past.  Black and white photos are definitely special ones

002. lollipops

 This. lollipop. was. good.   Seriously scrumptious, guys.  Enriched in a strawberry flavor, this lollipop made perfection.  

003.  peacock & bokeh

 See that blue 'clump' in the middle of this picture?  -- It's a peacock!  
  That bokeh... and the golden lighting... oh yes. 

004. different editing

Sometimes doing something unique is okay.  Like editing your pictures so as to make your sky turn a deep cerulean turquoise blue. 

007. almost finished! 
above :: David Copperfield... the book I'm reading now.
That is, I'm almost finished David Copperfield -- the 900 page book I mentioned I was reading in this post. 

006.  i have too many.

That is, I have too many macro shots and flower shots.   I just love taking them, so I can't help it!  What do you like seeing?  Macro shots? -- Portraits? -- little objects (e.g., crayons), flowers?  What do you prefer?  



  1. Anonymous20.7.11

    beautiful photos - i completely agree with your sentiment about black and white. I love all your photos, so just rock out: macro, portraits... any pictures you take will be great.

  2. Love that bokeh shot!

  3. Very pretty shots! Love the lollipop!

  4. Nice photos Acacia! :) Wow 900 pages! That's a lot!

  5. beautiful shots! The first one and the book are my favs!