help {with design}

   ... this is where I really need your help.  I'm thinking my blog looks too much like a jail; with all those grey stripes I'm wondering if people are shaking their heads and saying, ''Is this a photography blog or a blog that advertises jail clothing?''

   Feedback on what you think, please!


  1. No, not jail like at all! Maybe a photoheader?

  2. I like it a lot, but I would say maybe just spice up the header :) Good luck!


    P.S what do you think of my design please do comment :)

  3. I like it! Personally yellow, gray, and white is my personal favorite color combination. I think it makes this look like an everything blog. A blog that has variety and is sure open to new things. I think it's awesome! The header is just perfect :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. I liked your headers before your stripes {one with the typewriter, the other with the curls}...stripes are awesome but they have to be done right without looking so much as you call it "a jail". :)

    I love your blog, though!!! You always design it wonderfully.

  5. Anonymous18.8.11

    I've never thought anything about your design... I like the stripes.. The yellow and grey go great. But if you are going to change it, maybe your headers lines going in a different direction. Just a suggestion; I think it looks great.
    And no, I never thought that you were advertising for jail stripes. :)

  6. I think it's pretty cute. But, if you want a change, I can design yours! I actually started my own design business and I love it so far. The good news? I keep everything completely free! =) So if you want, go to and order something. Or there's plenty of tutorials...I'm planning on making one on how to put the header on the sidebar.

  7. Personally Acacia, I like stripes, but here they seem to be a little unimaginative. Maybe try incorporating them into the design in a less dominating way ?

  8. Ha! No, your design is lovely. :) I didn't think about that for a second. However, I do know how it feels to look at something and know that it's good, without feeling like it's really good. Ha! Comes with being your own worst critic, right? :P Anyways, I have a couple of minor suggestions, if you're feeling that way. So, give me a shout if you want to! :) abigail[at]abigailkraft[dot]com.

    Have a lovely day!

  9. Amanda19.8.11

    NO! Its really cute! the word 'jail' doesnt even cross my mind when i look at your blog, more like 'Awesome'! :):):)

  10. That's funny... jail clothing. I think your blog is pretty. Since I really don't know your personality, I can't say "This doesn't really reflect you, Acacia!" I always like blogs with a pop of color... Something that catches the eye. Maybe you should try something like damask black and white with a bold pink. Be wild with it!!! LOL! Or maybe the same stripes of gray and white with a brighter contrasting color. I don't know... something lively, which probably describes your personality.

    Embracing my inner self with boldness,
    Kianna Rose

  11. Thank you all so much for your feedback! Each comment helped... a lot. I'm about to have Kendra give me a new design (if all goes well), and we'll see how that goes!
    Again, thank you!


  12. Anonymous20.8.11

    I like this layout! Stripes are always a good choice. :)

  13. Hi Acacia, thanks for your email! I'm so excited to be able to design your blog. Do you mind commenting on my blog with your email address? I won't publish it if you wish, but I'd like to be able to write back and forth privately, plus it's easier! ;) I'll be starting on your design somewhat soon, I'm going to my grandparents for a few days, then I have one more design to do before yours, but after that, I can start on it! =)

  14. I love all those things on the sidebar - definitely not jail-like! But new headers are always exciting.

  15. I think it's fabulous right as it is now!

  16. Hi Acacia! Your design is really nice...maybe more color would be good??? Just a suggestion. But it does look nice!

    Carli Nicole