pumpkin and spice and everything nice

dear fall, 

I like writing about you.

Your fall colors that splash throughout the country side.  Your cerulean skies that fill with whiffs and spirals of smoke from chimneys.  The caws that are heard overhead, the birds that fly and soar – move south.  Inside, your kitchens are humming with luscious smells and helping hands. Small, plump hands and a red nose press against the window, small eyes peering at a setting sun and whirling leaves. 

i ' m  p a i n t i n g . . . c a r e  t o  j o i n  m e ? 

p a i n t i n g,  w i t h  m y  h a i r  i n  a  p e r f e c t  m e s s y  b u n.  

p a i n t  a n d  s i p. 

  r e a l   s h e e p   w o o l   f o r  c o z y   k n i t s

dear life,

You aren't perfect -- I know that for certain.  I've been learning that more each day.  But I'm looking forward to the eternal life that await. 
 dear music, 
 I love you so dearly.  I can't say much more, really. 

dear commentators + followers, 
you make my day.  really.  i can't stop smiling over all those faces and notes you put on my blog.  
thank you so much. 

dear pinterest,
  thank you for inspiring me time and time again. 

p u m k i n  s p i c e  l a t t e 

 pumkins and spice and everything nice sent your way!



  1. Anonymous10.10.11

    ooh, this post = love.
    that first paragraph was amazing.
    and yes, I do play piano.
    pumpkin spice and everything nice sent right back atcha! <3

  2. Anonymous10.10.11

    ps. your button? the code isn't there. you don't have to publish this....=)

  3. yay! first comment! ...i think.

    and yes, i'd love to paint with you.

  4. Fun post! playing piano is one of my favorite things to do. <3

  5. Acacia, I love the dof in the paintbrush pictures. Great photographs!
    and yes, I do play piano...have for 8 years. (Violin too, for 3 years). I love music :))

  6. yes, yes i would like to join you as you paint a masterpiece.
    creating art is so much sweeter with friends, no?

  7. this was such a beautiful post!! and yes, i play piano, too. loved all your photos, dearie. absolutely gorgeous :))
    -jocee <3

  8. @ Ashlyn Nicole: you're so sweet. thanks. xxx and : : : yeah. i know i don't have a code for my button... i don't know how to make one! :P Help, please? xoxo

  9. @ Cubette y a y ! now i have people that'll paint with me! please come and stay a while, why don't you?

  10. @ carli nicole i hands-down agree with you. piano playing is magical.

  11. @ simi my, my... aw. thanks. so much. you're so sweet.
    ... playing piano for eight years? i'm amazeeedddd.

  12. @ sheean my gollygoshpumkin, you're really very kind. i can't say thanks enough.

  13. @ joccee you're comments are the best. evahh.

  14. I just love your 'pile of blankets' pic...they are some of my favourite things...also piles of books and piles of leaves :)!
    I don' t play piano... some of my family do and I simply love to listen and appreciate it...
    Autumn is my most favourite season of all, especially here in Canada.
    I welcome beautiful autumn!

  15. Anonymous12.10.11

    Acacia, I would love it if you would email me at:

  16. Anonymous13.10.11

    Wonderful post of Fall. Great photos too! what you said is so TRUE about our future, that we can look forward to going to the place above all places - Heaven . . .

  17. I absolutely love your blog, your pictures, and this post. Lovely (:

  18. Mmm, what a deliciously fall-ish post. :) Loverly.

    By the way, would you mind telling me what font you used in the 'perfect messy bun'? It's gorgeous. :)


  19. I'm now following you on Pinterest! :)

  20. @ bree holloway the font is ''Edwardian Script''. . . it is already installed in most Widows computers! I know... the font is so lovely, no?

  21. I found you on pinterest (might I add that you have some marvelous pins?) and your blog is absolutely lovely! This post was so full of delightful autumn happiness. I love piano, and your photographs, and pumpkin spice lattes. The end.

  22. You are simply inspirational, Acacia!
    I am in LOVE with your blog!
    Semi piano player.. I play by ear. :D