My Story // Week One


My story is of journeying, family, and faith.  Of small, gritty, but beautiful moments, laughing hard, being together, and messing up. 

Today's story was making mistakes, then realizing there's no need to get it right.  Today was gathering wood and making a crisp, crackling fire.  Today was making apple pie and lasagne. Today was arguing with eachother, then making up.  Today we enjoyed being together.  Today was watching the news even though we've already watched it twice.  And today was praying hard and asking God for help, because I know I can't do it alone. 

 Today.  It only lasted a moment.  It won't come back. I'm trying to grasp it, take hold of it, remember it.  It's a small, small moment yet it matters.  A lot.

For now, I'm going off to read kinfolk, get dressed in pj's and brush teeth, sleep, and pray. 

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  1. beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful. amen.
    -jocee <3

  2. Beautiful words and I love that picture! For me, today is learning to wear a bright scarf without minding the curious stares. :)

  3. lovely. i love the idea♥ my day was...

    moving my birds to my brother's room because my baby brother is allergic to them. i miss their singing.

  4. hmm...for me, today was waiting and working :)

  5. you're not supposed to use my header.
    e-mail me if you want the design I did, but you can't put the header on your blog without telling me. Thanks.

  6. Anonymous14.11.11

    It was waking up early, but falling back asleep.
    It was eating dry cereal because I don't like milk.
    It was playing the piano adamantly. Arranging.
    It was going to the store to ship canned goods to a soldier.
    It was making bread.
    It was eating hamburgers and baked beans.
    today was good.

  7. I love this; so honest. My day? Much of the same actually.
    The picture says fall so well(:

  8. That sounds like such a lovely day. I cant wait to make apple pie in a few days. Life is all about mistakes! :)

    My day was going for a run in this beautiful weather and being thankful for the simple things like being able to use my legs and run!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  9. that was a beautiful post; i love the picture!
    my day was slow, but good.(:

  10. Anonymous19.11.11

    such a beautiful yet true post. I linked up too - feel free to check out my post.

  11. Love this post! Moments matter so much - I forget that so often. =P =)

  12. oh you. did anyone tell you
    you were a captivating writer?
    because this? the best I've seen.
    no, seriously.