simple life

grainy, but sweet.  simple, yet elegant.  
My family is simple.  There are seven of us, and we live in a house with three bedrooms, one lovely little kitchen, dining room, and living room+ bathrooms.  Three sisters share a room, and the two boys are tucked into one very small room on a bunk together.  Simple, but so good. 

  Yet on another note, life isn't so simple sometimes.  Lately, I've found it hard to concentrate on getting school work done.  Devotions and prayer in the morning tend to be rushed and I quite simply forget to live in gratitude and not rushing and scrambling.  Today, True, my three-year old sister, came up to be and asked me to do ''horse-y ride'', (consists of her sitting on my knee, while I bob her up and down), I was about to say ''No, no, True.  Not now -- I'm doing school."  But I stopped myself.  I have my whole life to do school work, but do I have True as a three-year-old asking for a ''horse-y ride'' my whole life?

  It dawned on me today: simple broke through a horizon, slipped pass mountains in my life, spilled the light of simple living over me.   I've been living physically simply, but not mentally.  

do you live simply both physically and spiritually? 

seriously, you all made my day. :) 


  1. Anonymous2.12.11

    this post was lovely, and got me thinking.

    "But I stopped myself. I have my whole life to do school work, but do I have True as a three-year-old asking for a ''horse-y ride'' my whole life?"

    ...that was beautiful, and so true.

  2. beautiful, beautiful. don't you just love leading a simple life? so admirable. so perfect. great post, darling. :))
    -jocee <3

  3. so true. i think about this constantly. can i just say it, please? i think i will. WORD.

  4. Beautiful post + pictures. :)

  5. haleyb3.12.11

    your pictures are SO gorgeous. they are the definition of beautiful simplicity.

  6. hannah3.12.11

    Ah! Very lovely -- your words, pictures, -- everything.

  7. thanks everyone! xx

  8. @Ashlyn Nicole, this is exactly what I was going to post! Yes Acacia, thank you so much for getting me thinking...

    'I can always check my e-mail, but do I have Joelle my 7 year old sister asking me to play Chutes and Ladders with her for the rest of my life?'

    My little sister will appreciate this post ;)

  9. every time I visit your blog I love it a little bit more.
    the new design? perfect.
    this post? gorgeous.

  10. mm. love this. way to put things in the right perspective! I need to be more aware of the simple things in life too.
    thanks for the reminder!


  11. wow! beautiful pictures :) thanks for commenting on my blog!! here's my reply to your comment: -for one, i love your name. and two, i got the typewriter pic off the internet, but am thinking about starting my own blog design business...what do you think?


  12. I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for a while now (5 pages back on your follow wedgit)and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation.

  13. @covitkepr1 -- I usually follow a blog after I've been reading it for a while; but I haven't been doing that with yours. :) Maybe someday I'll follow, for now, sorry! Thank your for reading and enjoying my blog!