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>> My soul gets lost -- overwhelmed with inexpressible joy -- when certain music plays. It is the one thing my soul and eyes will cry to besides Jesus. Films, sad stories, deaths, love don't make me cry with longing or passion.   Music does.  It sweeps and sinks into my soul, engraving a part of my heart, making tears creep and pour out of my eyes.   Passion, longing, love swoops into my soul.  Grabs a hold of me.  It's beautiful.  Words can't describe the feeling I get.  Sometimes, an outward appearance doesn't show it, but my heart does.

>> I adore my simple piano keyboard.  I pour heart and soul into it.  I dream wonderful dreams of becoming a great pianist.  Who knows, maybe someday.  For now, I dream and play -- play to my heart's content. 

 >> Speaking of wishes, I wished, wished and wished for a camera this year, a Canon T2i or a Nikon d3100.  I knew it wasn't possible, but I dreamed.  That dream hasn't come true this year; (oh, I reallyreallyreally hope to have the darling by next year), but in the meanwhile I'm learning to save up for a dSLR diligently, carefully, slowly, painstakingly...  Life isn't about things.  It's about the moments in life and how we live them to glorify, serve, honor and obey Him.  I need to let go of selfish longings, and cling to the only Longing that we should have -- Him.  But, yes -- that can be hard!  

>> grateful for so many things: 

white walls
candles that flicker in the darkness
grass that dances in the sunlight
reflections on water
sunsets on Christmas day

hard times
that help me learn
algebra 2
bokeh that twinkles in the background

>> And, lastly, I have a big question for you: should I get a Canon T2i, a Nikon d3100/3000 or a Pentax, etc. -- in other words, what dSLR should I get and why?  It doesn't matter if you don't have a Nikon or Canon!  I'd love your opinion even if you don't have any kind of dSLR. 

xo, acacia


  1. amen to that.
    i personally am geting the canon t3i, eventually the 5d mark ii. because when i searched and searched and searched, i found that canons are used more professionally, for photos, and videography and sorts, and i have more experience with canon so for me that's the way to go.
    of course, no pressure. that doesn't help at all, does it? sorry :P love you and your posts, dearie :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Anonymous27.12.11

    I have no clue what camera you should get. ;) mary ann has a Pentax, and she adores it. :)

    I adore this post, I lovelovelove it! It's beautiful.

  3. welll.... I have a Pentax and I love it :)
    they come in different colors!
    but most people go with Nikon or Canon.

    beautiful pictures, as always! ♥

  4. nikon d90 is the one i want next, and i have a d3100, I just want to upgrade because I the d90 is a full frame. :) but i love my d3100! I had a canon rebel XSi and didn't like it at all, so sold it and got nikon but i'd say go to the store and try 'em all out! :D

  5. no clue about the camera, but i just gotta say, i love your shots! especially the candles♥

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  6. Personally, I do not think anyone can claim that Canons are more professional than Nikons. I have seen many professional shooters who use Nikon, and some of the top shooters in the world use both Nikon and Canon cameras. Either brand is a wonderful choice.

    I will personally be getting the Nikon D5100. I am comfortable with Nikons and I feel this would be a good camera for me.

    There is a website called Snapsort.com where you can put in the different cameras you are considering and it will show you the pros and cons for each one.

    In the end, your eye and creativity will matter much, much more than the brand your camera is. Whatever camera you get will take beautiful pictures because God has blessed you with a creative eye. :)

    I love this post Acacia! Your posts always make me smile :)

    --Abi :)

  7. Nikon's are the bomb.
    I love music; same as you, it's one of the only things that make me swell up and cry, cry, cry.
    I absolutely love your pictures, they're always so beautiful. <3

  8. totallyyyy awesome!!(: <3

  9. I love how you pour your heart and soul into the piano. That is so beautiful. I've never met someone who wants to become a great pianist. I admire you. :)

    I personally like Canon... but then again, that's all I've ever used, so yeah. Hahaha! :)

    Lovely pictures and post! I enjoyed reading it! ^w^

  10. What camera did you use to take these photos? These photos look pretty good to me. I am using a Nikon D5000. I super super super love it but honestly, it is bulky and sometimes it takes forever to get the settings just right. I would love to sell my Nikon D5000 and get a Canon S95. Canon S95 is a point and shoot cam but it gives you the same results as an dslr without the bulk.

  11. I got a Canon T3, and I would recommend going with Canon. Its true that Pros use both Nikon and Canon, but if you get a canon you have more lense options. With a Nikon you will probably have to upgrade your camera to get the same options... and its a lot more expensive. But like someone else said- you really should go try them out!