ordinary beauty

   Nitty-gritty moments in life that sigh messy, hard and beautiful all at the same time.  This is home life;   Avacados, mint-blue skies, the sun gracefully touching the horizon on it's descent, doodles with ink, raindrops that sit on the window pane, tingling with joy with the satisfaction of being under warm quilts, mint tea sipped slowly, relishing the moment, fingers flying on the piano, clean counters, ironing, organized cutlery drawers, and noise. Ordinary beauty holds so much. 
     In reality, life has been quite hard as of late. It seems as though I've just realized what having a big family is like... I know, there's been 5 kids in my home now for 3 years (since little sister was born); and now everything seems to have been turned up a notch.  The volume of noise and mess had gone up in the pass year -- literally!  The noise my little brothers produce seems to have gone up.  I think it helps that they found a new best friend -- Tyler.  Who's already five times louder then them. 

But here's to celebrating the ordinary beauty in life.  Ordinary moments that make my heart swell.  Because, (I have to admit):  the beautiful moments in life tend to outweigh the bad ones.  

b a k i n g  g i n g e r b r e a d 

- m i n t  -  b l u e  -  c e r u l e a n - a z u r e -  s k i e s -

w a l k s . 

c r u m p l e d  b e a u t y.

s o  m u c h  b e a u t y .

g r a s s  s h a r d s  

d u c k s  a r e  ' a  d a b b l i n g ,  u p  t a i l s  a l l ! 

- c h r i s t i n a  r o s s e t t i 

w a t e r c o l o u r // i n g //

g a s  s t o v e 

 A V O C A D O 

 h a n d  p r i n t s  o n  f o g g y  g l a s s

   k i t c h e n  b+w

o r g a n i z e d .

c a u g h t  u p  i n  a  d o o d l e .

Have a favorite photo? 
How's your life been?  Busy?  Noisy?  Excited?  Slow? 

xo, acacia -- the question-filled me.  

ps - your comments put a big smile on my face -- no joke -- thank you so much for your feedback.  you don't know how much it means to me.  


  1. this is incredibly gorgeous. seriously. your photos are absolutely spectacular, and that gingerbread and making my mouth water. definitely my favorite post by you so far. i love this, oh. so. much. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Those pictures are stunning. The first few are my favorite. I'm in love with the colors and textures! You're so talented!

  3. your photos put a smile on my face :) seriously, they're beautiful. I love love love them all but I really like the ones of the gingerbread, and the avocados... you're a fantastic food photographer :)

  4. So pretty! I love your writings... and the avacado. and the b&w. and the watercolors, ducks, gingerbread, leaves, raindrops, and nature. All of it!

  5. Lovely photographs dear. All of those things are just plain beautiful. (:

  6. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Gorgeous! (:

  7. @ Jocee
    really?really?really? thankkkkkyouuuusooomuchhh.

  8. @ elisha thanks a lot!

  9. @ kimberly my day -- instantly made better. really. i'm so happy to have friends like you.

  10. @maryann you're one of the most faithful commentators i know. you comment everywhere! like, really! and you know what? YOUR COMMENTS ARE AMAZING.

  11. @julia awww... well, i honestly didn't think my photographs were that good.

  12. @katie your so kind! thanks a lot!

  13. @ Haley you encourage me so much... to continue posting, taking photos, painting. thank you. thank you, dear.

    and all of you: you're encouraging me. so much.

  14. I love the gingerbread pictures and the water colors and the gas stove. how i do miss our gas stove. Sorry it's been hard!

  15. Anonymous11.1.12

    um. your food photography is amazing. wow, is all I can say. gorgeous. that second photo was wonderful.
    crumpled beauty was so pretty. and the watercolor photo.
    five siblings, eh? well, I have you beat. by one. :) I'm the oldest... are you? I only have one brother though. He makes so much noise that it makes up for the rest of us. He is one of the sweetest boys ever, though, so it doesn't really matter. His constant replicate sounds of bombs and airplanes and cars crashing are hilarious.

  16. @ Catrina Oh I know JUST how you feel in terms of the gas stove. Really, I do. We used not to have one, and when we didn't... we did indeed wish for one. Thanks for such a sweet comment!

  17. @ Ashlyn My evening was made SO much better after reading your comment. Thank you beyond all means. Actually, there's five children (including me) in my home... I have two younger sisters and two younger brothers! I'm the *head* of them all.

  18. Your photos are beautiful!
    My personal favorites are of your kitchen- I really love b+w photos.
    And the gingerbread? Wow. Now I'm hungry. ;]


  19. Acacia (blog author)12.1.12

    @ Emily I agree with you -- I really liked how the b+w looked on the kitchen photos. black and white is beautiful. :)

  20. Acacia, I love the gingerbread pictures! And the black and white kitchen photos - though perhaps I'm just partial to photos of kitchen stuff as my copious copying of your pinterest kitchen posts may have indicated to you. :)