just little things v.i

1 - smiling at a strangers on the road
2 - and the smile they return
3 - taking the perfect picture
4 - black and white
5 - scrap paper
6 - getting math questions right
7 - laughing at mistakes
8 - night photographs
9 - the way little sister smiled at me
10 - bubble pictures
11 - a perfectly clean room
12 - hardwood floors
13 - lemon & ginger tea
14 - reading the Bible at the crack of dawn
15 - dreaming you have dSLR
16 - first snow
17 - slush, mud, and wet, damp, wet weather
18 - The way bubbles gently form and swish in the water; the magenta, forest green, and crystal clear colors that form to make a sphere -- an air bubble. The way they land it my hand and pop, brilliantly, yet silently burst.
19 -  All seven us, sitting at the table; the lights off, except for candles burning brightly.  The way our silver cutlery clinked against plates.
20 - The gentle laughs and chatter that was present.
21 - splurges of inspiration
22 - ideas
23 - painting a picture
24 - typing with eyes closed
25 - dreaming.  imagining.  wishing.  closing my eyes and being transformed into a world of dreams.
26 - getting in bed, tingling at the sheer joy of being under warm covers
27 - clotheslines
28 - candles

lucia, etc.

True beauty...  the walk we took around the lake; the water rippled, the trees quivered in the breeze; ducks dabbled.  I captured.  This is real, God-created beauty

what's one 'little thing' you could share from your day today?

xo, acacia
ps would any of you know why my blog background isn't fully showing?  if you know why, please let me know... i'm aching to fix it.
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  1. fifteen. i love that one so much. and maybe your blog background isn't the right size. email me and i can try to help :))
    -jocee <3

    1. Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes. I do it ALL the time. ALL. THE. TIME. Ashlyn told me how to fix the background - IF what she says doesn't end up working I'll email you! Thanks!


  2. beautiful lovely wonderful post, acacia! this put a smile on my face :) especially #18, you described it perfectly!

    I just viewed your page source and that's so weird about your background! my one suggestion would be to search (CTRL+F) your HTML template for the code "repeat-x" and replace it, the first time it shows up in your template, with repeat-y. did that make sense? :)

  3. um, it depends on how you installed it. if you tried to install it with the template designer, it will either just be one copy of the image, or try to tile. it's cool, though -- i thought it was just part of your header =)


  4. I <3 this post. :) and your pictures are "swoon-worthy."

    much love,
    the girl tending her garden @

  5. Dear Acacia,
    -Everything about your blog is lovely. This was a beautiful post- I loved all of these-- particularly 1, 2, 6, 14, 8, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28. Okay, sorry, that was almost all of them. :)
    -Lately my family has been using candles at dinner as well. Aren't they wonderful?
    -Your doodles are so whimsical... I wish I could doodle like that. :)
    -I'm missing you on the AOU team, but I know how busy life can be. In fact, I've been so busy I had to consider if I could realistically follow through.
    -this was long, so I hope you enjoy long comments as much as I do.

    Lindsey Lou

    1. i love you. a lot.

      thanks for such a sweet comment.

  6. Hm, one little thing for me lately has been lace curtains. They're lovely. Oh, and I do wish I could help you with your background! Hope you find a way soon!

  7. Anonymous6.2.12

    Ok. Your background problem? If you're using Template Designer (TD) then it might be that you have your "outer background" white- and it needs to be transparent. To make it show, go to "Template Designer." Then go to the Advanced Tab- you know, where you change fonts and such. Next of all, go to the tab "background." Under that, go to outer background. It should be white. In the bottom, it says something about making it transparent. Do that. That should make it transparent, so you can see it. You have your header background transparent, and that why you can see the background only there. :)
    Make sense? If you have trouble, I'm to be found at forevercapturingmemories@gmail.com. :)

  8. beautiful Acacia!

  9. Sheean6.2.12

    it both scares and captivates me how alike we are.
    i smile at strangers too, to brighten their day.
    but the best part? when they grin back and dazzle mine. oh, and that picture of the melting candlelight completes my day.

    p.s. i like you. and your writing.

  10. Black in white is my biggest obsession. I have a secret compulsion to change all my photographs to black and white. Thankfully I am able to fight that compulsion well. Usually. :)


  11. I love this post, you are so incredibly talented and I love your writing skills. (: LOVE the third to last picture.

  12. It always makes me nervous to make eye contact with the people in the next car. Mostly because I start to nervously laugh, and then they think I'm laughing at them. It's terribly awkward. :)

  13. I don't believe I've ever found your blog before, but I'm quite in love with it! Beautiful pictures and a lovely design too! I'm definitely going to follow! Have a wonderful day!


  14. Anonymous8.2.12

    Oh, lovely photo, Acacia! Thank you for entering, I'm so glad you did. :))
    The shadows are so beautiful and the light is perfect.
    Thank you again!

  15. whhatt? yes, you need to babysit again. email me! (:


  16. Anonymous9.2.12

    Wow, this is really beautiful!

  17. Beautiful! I found your blog from Lucia's photo challenge.

    My blog: katislittlecorner.blogspot.com

  18. Lovely pictures! I especially love B&W Sheet Music picture. :)
    And yes, getting a math question right makes me also extremely happy. XD lol

  19. Wow, beautiful photo! :) I really love it.

  20. What a wonderful post! Thank you for reminding me to admire the little things in life.

    Have a great day!

  21. oh, acacia. your photos are gorgeous. :)

  22. Oh my gosh, I am in love with your black and white candle picture!

  23. I love your pictures! :o

  24. You have some great pictures girl! Good job on your entry for the challenge! :)

  25. Great pics! Love your blog!

    visit me @ thethinkingblonde.blogspot.com