per diem.

latin || each day

                                                                                              inspiration images source || pinterest

+ listening to something in the water || the boat song & moon river
+ wishing I had the 5d mark ii.  (instead, I'm stuck with her.) 
+ playing 'Air' by Bach on the piano.
+ searching for inspiration (like my recent finds?)
+ watching rain glide down the window pane
+ eating (plain) creamy yogurt
+ writing descriptions/freeverse

+ asking you to ask me: I'm going to try to do a q&a post.  Do you have any questions? - Don't hesitate to ask!



  1. Adventures are the best =)
    Last night I was listening to Moon River. It's kind of gorgeous ^_^

  2. Q&A: what's the biggest lesson you've learned through blogging? how did you find your blogging "style?"

  3. What is your fondest childhood memory?

    I really like these photos, especially the one of the room with the :hi: sign :)

  4. i love this. and you. so much. these posts... they are so amazing. you have no idea.
    -jocee <3

  5. sheean14.5.12


    1. why don't you post more pictures of yourself? i like seeing your lovely face. :) Privacy reasons, I suppose?

    2. You're studying latin, lady? Why? And how ever do you like it? I'm toying with adding that to my list of courses come September.

    3. How many siblings have you?

    4. Do you go to art classes? I do not but it was be too cool for words.

    5. Top five favorite movies?

    6. What do you and your British friends do for fun on a Saturday afternoon? :)

  6. so inspiring! and i love rain :)
    hmmm... why do you blog?

  7. your blog is just so lovely, Acacia!!! so simple yet so pretty and refreshing. love your new header by the way.;) {and your music is so soothing}


  8. your new designs always make me swoon -- so lovely, and yet simple. plus, this inspiration most definitely has me inspired.

    question, eh? hm... what is your favorite thing to do on a weekday?

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  9. I love this music! Bodes well with the pictures you've posted. Thanks for sharing!

  10. lovely. you have impeccable taste when it comes to [p]inspiration... you may have noticed that i repin every single picture that says 'acacia onto...'. i hope you don't mind.
    +do you have any sisters close to your age?
    +what is it like living in England vs. Canada?
    +if you could trade places with someone for one day {living or not} who would it be?
    +are you messy or neat?

    p.s. you're a wonderful poet!
    p.p.s. regarding your comment: no, i didn't graduate, but my big brother *sob* did. i'm almost sixteen.

  11. I enjoy all these photos so much! xx

  12. I know the girl who's bedroom that last picture is! :) She's a photographer that goes to my church! Lovely images, Pinterest is so great for inspiration!

  13. Jemimah :-)24.5.12

    What kind of camera do you use?

    Josh Groban or Charlotte Church?

    Have you heard Chris Tomlin?

    Whose your fav author?

    How long have you been blogging for?

    What are your beliefs?