felicity + kit + elizabeth

This is Felicity, Elizabeth and Kit -- American Girl Dolls.  Felicity, Elizabeth and Kit are part of my nostalgia; they are where some of my fondest memories remain.

In the past I have spent countless hours sleeping, splashing through a ripply stream -- their 18-inch bodies tightly cradled in my arms, trying new hairstyles on Felicity's long, silky auburn hair, sipping tea and traipsing around in tree houses and gardens with them. Now, photoshoots take place and I capture and frame them because they're such great models; I admire them as they sit on my shelf; and I pick them up every now and again to dust, recall fond memories, and let eager 4-year-old girl hands hold them.

Do you have any dolls that hold a special place in your heart?

xx a. 


  1. I love this post! :) I still love dolls (I'm 11) and I really enjoy photographing them.(:


  2. This is so sweet, Acacia! :) I don't really have a doll, but I have a blanket; a light white, square blanket that I've had since birth. I use to carry it around with me, regularly lost it, and carried it around again once found. Although I DON'T carry it around with me any more, I still sleep with it one my pillow every night. :)

    Fabulous pictures, as well, Acacia! Dolls are very fun to photograph.

    Mikailah @ finding beauty

  3. oh, this is so touching. when i was a girl, i LOVED the american girl dolls. my mom bought me one (Samantha) for my eighth birthday, and i carried her everywhere. my sister is obsessed with them now... she's been reading the Josephine books lately. i'm thinking i'll get her one of the dolls, when i get some cash. xo

  4. This post made me smile. It's super sweet. I have Samantha and have fond memories of playing with her with my sisters and their dolls. American girl dolls are the best. :)

    Your pictures are just really beautiful and great. Love this post. a lot.



  5. Oh my, Acacia! These are beautiful! You are such a good photographer. I remember when you, Sophie, and I would play with each others toys and dolls. I miss you guys! <3
    ~Olivia K.

  6. i have felicity, addy, emily, samantha and nellie, and i stayed up extra late to get the tangles out of felicity's hair and brush it out so she'd look relatively decent. seriously, this brought me to tears. thank you. a lot.

  7. Actually, I have nine American Girl dolls - Kirsten, JLY #9, Elizabeth, Felicity, Kit, Ruthie, Chrissa, Sonali and JLY #35. They are the dearest things to my heart. My whole childhood, and growing up altogether, revolved around my dolls. I photographed them for years before moving on to the things I photograph today. I'm never letting go of them, because to me they mean the world. I got my first doll at the age of 5, and they've been around the continent and back with me. Not ashamed to say that I still love my dolls, even if it's not in the same ways as three or four years ago.

  8. I loved playing with dolls as a kid, though I never owned an American Doll. :) Nice pictures!

  9. I love this! It brought back sweet memories because my favorite doll growing up was Kit. I spent the longest time deciding which American Girl doll I wanted--I mulled over those catalogs for hours. That day I finally got her was so special in my little world that I don't think I'll ever forget it. :)

  10. Dear Acacia,

    I must admit, I was a horrible little girl; Even though my two older sisters were terribly fond of dolls (american girl ones, too!), I was either disinterested or openly plotting against them.

    My older brother (by a couple years) and I used to string up the barbie dolls on his bed. It was good old fashioned hangings (yeah, we were slightly messed up little kids). Rather sad, eh?

    I did have one doll, Rose, I think. But it was mostly out of necessity of my older sisters.

    Your pictures are (as usual) lovlier than ever. Even though they are dolls. ;) I must say I give most of the credit of the good pictures to your photography skills and not their modeling skills. Not to be down on them. ;)

    Anyway, I have missed commenting dearly. Though, I have been reading (and loving) each of your posts, I've kept a certain amount of distance from the blogging world in general lately. No more! I am back (hopefully to stay).


    P.S. Thank you for your lovely comment. I think you already know what an excellent writer I think you are, so I won't be repetitive. ;)

  11. American girl all the way...American girl dresses, dolls, purses, body wash - yes, I was in that stage for quite some time. But you know, the interests that I have in history now probably would not have been developed if it weren't for these sweet historical dolls and their stories.

    Thank you for evoking this beautiful nostalgia, dear friend!


  12. I stayed up late many a night to play with my teddies :) Good memories :)
    Kimmy x

  13. I've collected these dolls for years, and I still "play" with them almost every day. Beautiful post :)

  14. Hey girl! I just found your blog, like RIGHT now, within the last 5 minutes or so, but already I can say that I love it. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. :) I love the idea of doing blessed posts. God has given me so much to be thankful for, I am most likely going to link up with you on that sometime. :) have a beautiful day!

  15. lovely post.

  16. Kit and Ruthie, yup.

  17. Really nice:)
    American Girl dolls were always my favorite!
    A special doll of mine? There was my Raggedy Anne, and then Jane. Remember her?