because sometimes all we need is a little cheering up

paint your nails with exotic colours
make pizza
record senses in a notebook
buy pretty flowers
decorate your room
eat chocolate
go to Gap and buy something new
capture sunflare with a lens
flip open your notebook and just write
take photos of the snow
do your hair in a messy bun
accomplish something you've been meaning to do
memorize and study scripture
write a description
listen to Chopin's music
read a good book
create a collection of favourite quotes
make yourself and a friend a cup of tea
dance to music

...because sometimes all we need is a little cheering up during these dreary winter months. xx


  1. i love this post!!:) Thanks for sharing your wonderful photography!!!!

  2. love this. :) great list and beautiful photos!

  3. Gorgeous, again ;)

  4. Love that last image. And great list. xo

  5. Remarkable photography! Wonderful list!
    Thanks for sharing.

    ---->> Kate

  6. YOUR NOTEBOOK. YOUR FLOWERS. YOUR SELFIE SHADOWS. YOUR FOOD. How how how in this world are you this talented!?

  7. Heavens above. Lady. You are so wondrously talented. The winter blues do get under your skin, don't they? Thankyou so much for this list. I am mentally thinking about how I want to do each one this weekend!

  8. all of these are beautiful :) your pictures, that list, everything x

  9. Love, love, love this. Some cheering up...yes, this is the time of year we need it most.

  10. goodness girl! these are perfect. LITERALLY. your photos make me swoon.

  11. I love everything about this. You're amazing! xx

  12. The way you truly, effectively capture just makes me speechless. Yes, this whole post cheers me up.

  13. January is definitely the month for being resourceful in making yourself happy.

  14. Thank you :) I needed a bit of cheering up :)
    Kimmy x

  15. You capture your life SO WELL! I just- wow. You do it so well!
    Makes me want to jump up and do the same! =D
    The snow pictures are beautiful, I like the picture of your painted nails in the mirror, the flowers... I have that SAME red calligraphy pen, and I really like how you wrote that verse out. Out of the box thinking, ya' know?
    Okay, I'm done gushing.


  16. THIS certainly brightens my mood. I always love coming to your blog, dear.

  17. this is wonderful, acacia. your blog always cheers me up. xx

  18. Anonymous22.1.13

    Right on! This was awesome. Especially the picture of the Snickers. It's the little things. :)

  19. What a perfect winter list. :) And gorgeously heart-warming photos. I felt like I just stepped into your life there for a moment. Okay, funny story about stepping into your life… I dreamed sometime last week that I met you and your family! My dreams are always wacky though, so I think we were on some kind of navy ship and you couldn't show people your room or something, but I got to because I was special or something…? Anyway, we hit it off and had so much in common. ;) I'm sure it wouldn't be much different in real life.

    Aand that stripy shirt? Is that what you got at Gap? The funny thing is that I definitely tried on a shirt just like that at Gap (just with grey stripes in stead of red… I din't see one with red), didn't buy it, and keep wishing I did. Yep, okay, I think we should be twins. Okay? :)

    Last thing. I promise I won't write a book. Your silhouette pictures with your messy buns are too great! Love 'em.


    1. Oh, Lindsey, I love you so much! This comment (seriously) made my day.


      PS the shirt IS from Gap... and we SHOULD be/we already are twins!
      PPS ahhh, I really need to email you. I promise an email will be on its way soon (and a letter, of course).
      PPPS you dream sounds perfect; if only that could happen in REAL life! (and just maybe it will!)
      PPPPS Just to let you know, I AM aware of the fact that there are too many 'PS's in this comment; (oops). ;)