London senses, emotions and feelings:

buses, crammed too tightly with people, pushing through narrow roads

 axis whirring past, zipping by, caught in life's hurries

heavy, deep and warm winds pulling by in the underground tube station

books to read and tea to sip in between stops

click, clack of heels, a whiff of perfume, a dash of rain

watching people live their complex lives

pink taxis (and London in general) that make me very excited

birds twittering sweetly in trees

photographing the bustle and business and loveliness of everything

We went to London last week.  To say I had a good time would be an understatement; and one of the many highlights was finding and photographing a spectacular pink taxi. ;)



  1. Ohmyword. Perfect photos! London looks so exciting!

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! You're so lucky, m'dear to live only a day trip away from one of the cities half {no 3/4} of the blogosphere girls dream of visiting {and I for one am especially interested as they are filming Sherlock there...and of course, I would love to have a cream tea with you ;)}.
    Your stills are just breath-taking, m'dear, and your words make me swoon.
    lots of love | grace

  3. Wow. London seems so amazing. Super jealous that you live so close to it. I have a huge dream of visiting London, maybe even living there for a time. :)

  4. Anonymous26.2.13

    Darling, you made my love for London a little bit more real. That looks fantastic, and I hope to visit there some day. And that taxi is enough reason for day-made.

  5. oh, this sets my mind a whirring with thoughts, dreams, and plans. plans of visiting London (and just England in general!) and taking many many many pictures. :) and maybe even getting to meet you! :) so lovely, dear... loving that pink taxi. ;)

    xo | Mikailah

  6. ohmywordIneedtovisityousowecanexploreLondon. Pretty please with sugar on top? Because really, lovie, it would be fantastic.

    And pink taxies are the awesomeness thing ever.

  7. OHMYGOODNESS I'm swooning, I'm swooning! London! Wow, it's beautiful! Definitely on my list of places to visit. You lucky girl, you. xx

  8. I'm fascinated by London- and England in general. You are so lucky to live so close!
    (and I also kind of-sort of envy your photography skills. You have such great pictures!)

  9. I am utterly jealous
    I want to go to England someday......

    Lovely photos! <3

  10. Okay, I am so jealous! Visiting London is one of my biggest dreams! and these are flippin' gorgeous girl! That taxi is probably the coolest taxi ever. and Screwtape Letters is on my to-read list for this year. I lovelovelove anything to do with C.S. Lewis (actually I am working on a paper on his life right now!)
    these are just essence of loveliness!
    in reckless abandon

  11. Amazing!! That pink taxi picture is *epic* <3

  12. Ahhh....won't pretend not to be super jealous :) Glad you had a time and my goodness dear girl these photos are knock me dead gorgeous.

  13. I'm so incredibly jealous! London looks beautiful as ever in these photos! xx

  14. Don't be jealous, don't be jealous, don't be-- AUGH, oh. my. word.

    I shouldn't be jealous, I live in Hawaii, for goodness sakes, but all I ask is that next time you go, fetch me from hawaii and stuff me in your bags. Please.

    Ok, I'll stop. That pink taxi is awesomeness, and though I profess to slightly disdain the color, I admit, taxis look good in pink. And your writing is so, so good. Epitome of atmosphere. I do love it.

    Oh, and I'm craving sugar. Thanks for the picture of the scrumptious looking cupcake. ;)

    How are you doing? Well, I hope. I have not read screwtape letters yet, but all my siblings recommend it highly and it's written by C. S. Lewis which means I must read it. I just finished Out of the Silent Planet by C. S. and liked it greatly. Have you read it?

    Ok, so we're clear, next time you go to London, you're stuffing me in your bag. Don't worry, I'll loose some weight before then, I'll be light as a feather. ;) Ehm, right-o.

    "click, clack of heels, a whiff of perfume, a dash of rain" Such a good line.

    You are coolness. Ok, I'll go. My writing is getting sincerely odd.

  15. Can you take me with you next time, please, please, please? London looks spectacular! It's one of the top places I've been longing to travel to since I was young.

  16. I MUST GO THERE. I MUST GO NOW. (the first and fourth pictures are perfection.)

  17. It looks so lovely there! I'd love to visit sometime... I've never been out of the US, sadly, but maybe someday London will be on my list of traveling.

  18. ahh, this is lovely doll. love that little birdy. so beautiful. next time, i must tag along. xx

  19. UM. I need to visit you, and all these places. GORGEOUS!

  20. Lovely photos! London is such a fun place.
    Our secondary school trips to London were always the best ;)
    Kimmy x

  21. You're just making me want to go to London even more than I already to! I've wanted to go to London and Paris (or really just Europe in general :) a lot recently... It just seems so magical and beautiful to me! Maybe some day I will!
    -mal :)

  22. London looks truly wonderful!! I´ve nver seen a pink taxi!! Your poem is soo amazing ...I can almost feel the London here.

    I follow you :) Cna you please follow me back? Via bloglovin or google. Oh btw I´m your 250th follower!! YAAAY♥♥

    xx Barbora♥

  23. Nice photo. There're ton of inspirations from these photos. x_x

  24. I've just been to the British Museum on a school trip, and I remember that visit (and past visits) very fondly. London is quite the city, don't you think?