let's cry together over memories | a short film

do yourself a favour:  mouse over the video and click the settings button (near left hand corner) and switch to HD viewing. 

D O C U M E N T E D 
good friends
honeysuckles and a bee
a shard of light
grass falling
moonlight and breezes and delicate flowers
it's winter now:  snow and a snow man.
tea (pour, sip, steam).

I've discovered the world of filming (and fallen in love with it).

xx, A.

psst... I'd love your opinion - what did you think of this film? (Never-mind its imperfections, because there are so many.)


  1. Oh my you did such an amazing job on this!!!! I loved it a lot!!!<3

  2. *great* job on this!!
    i've always wanted to get into making short, pretty little films like this. ^_^

  3. oh my gosh.


    this... this was incredible. the music, the scenery, everything -- it's perfect. amazing work, girlie. please keep creating.

    (off to go and watch it a third time. xo)

  4. this really can't get any more lovely, Acacia. :) this is beautiful--the music just made the scenes so quiet, and nostalgic and full of memories. beautiful, girl. :) x

  5. okay, I'm swooning. girl, this is just perfection. the music, the tea, the flowers, the snow... just all of it! films like these are my favorites. please, please make more! seriously, I mean it. :)

    1. Yaay! I'm so glad to have approval from a blog reader - I'll definitely make more films.

  6. So beauteeefuull! It feels like I just stepped a little bit further into your world. I've just recently been inspired to possibly shoot some films, once I get my camera back... My brother is actually the one who inspired me, and the one who has my camera. :P He's doing a short film for his college photography class and Libby and I helped him brainstorm for it. In fact, I almosttt got to travel to college with him to be his videographer (whatintheworlddoiknowaboutfilming?) because he said he trusted me with the camera and it would be an adventure... but I had to stay home (and ended up getting sick, so I'm glad I stayed).
    ANYWHO, I just totally rambled inconsiderately about myself and my life. Sorry. :)
    I'm working on your letter day by day. My sister is really getting on my case... "Are you done with Acacia's letter YET??"
    "No, Libby. Our letters must be long and intricate and worked on over a period of four weeks or something so that we allow time for procrastination and perfection." Well, at least that's how I responded in my head.

    I hope you have a splendiferous day!

    Lindsey Lou

    1. Well, well, well! Guess who made my day? :)

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  8. Just two words: Love it <3

  9. *squeals* girly! this is incredible. absolutely fantastic! remarkable! {i'm running out of adjectives here} em...BRILLIANT! absolutely brilliant! I've always wanted to make a little film like this, and now I think I might have to...someday. *smile* love you lots pretty lady | grace

  10. Oh gosh! o.o
    You did this -really- well, I seriously mean that too; the music, the way you changed the focus in an' out... reminds me of my own memories, DO make some more. =D


    P.s. the Tea scene is so fun to watch, you did really good with it, the water, steam an' all. =)

  11. This video is so good. Really, though, the imperfections (although I barely noticed) show the realism of it.

    This video probably made my day, really.