c'est la vie

   picture inspired by 

it is life
i. growing by the windowsill
ii. fingerprint of childhood
iii. light spills
iv. sun kisses horizon
v. abstract flower 
vi. double exposure + outfit

I turn on the computer.  Click.  I hit the Google chrome web page and sign in to blogger.  New post.  I make a vain attempt at writing: I tap the keys several times before beginning (the words aren't coming to me).  It's certainly not easy to know what or how to write about life.   Naturally, I want to share the good aspects of my day; certainly you don't want to hear about my bad days. But I don't want to lie.  I want to be honest and truthful about my life in this journal of sorts.  

So I just wanted to let you know that my life isn't picture-perfect, even though it may seem that way.  I have a busy, slightly hectic life.  I have five siblings and live in a house with three bedrooms. I have far too many bad days. Often, I lack creativity.  For every good photo I post, at least 15+ photos were taken in order to get that 'perfect picture'.  And honestly, it's hard work being an artist, taking photographs, writing about life, and sharing it.  Despite all those factors, I love blogging to bits.  Because of blogging, it is my endeavour to create passionately and develop allusive, raw, poignant artwork and photographs.  

I can't thank you enough for sharing a little bit of my life with me. 

xx, Acacia     


  1. I love this Acacia, really down to earth and heartfelt. Thank YOU for sharing your beautiful photography, artwork, and writing with us!

  2. Mhm, this is real and good, and true. :) x


  4. Pretty words and beautiful pictures. :) I love all of these--especially the second from the last and the last. :) Also, your design is pure perfectionism. Did you design it yourself?

  5. love this acacia! and your pictures are always lovely :)

  6. know that you're not alone, pretty lady, but also know how absolutely inspiring you are. your blog is probably my favorite out of all the blogs I have read these past four odd years; and it's been such a joy to see your talent as an artist. thank you for sharing your talent with us, m'dear.
    double exposure. is. brilliant. j'adore! xx

  7. i love these, Acacia. :) simply marvelous.
    and your writing is fabulous; raw, real, and so true.

  8. Anonymous13.4.13

    Beautiful photos!!

  9. These photos are gorgeous

  10. this was brilliant, acacia. you're not alone in feeling this way. keep up the good work, darling.

  11. I know exactly what you mean. I've been there way to many times myself. BUT, YOUR PHOTOS ARE JUST ASDFGHJKL!!! (and your blog in general!!) It's defiantly one of my very very favorites in the blogging world!
    oh, and the second shot and the sunset/sunrise shot are GORGEOUS!

  12. I really feel like I'm reading a wonderfully heart felt journal when I come here. It's so inspiring and sweet and original. I love you and your honesty and your blog. And your design. My goodness- everything you do is adorable.

    And hey... I can relate: seven people in my house and we have three bedrooms. And my life is so hectic and I think half the time I make it to be so.

    But cheer up, dearie, there's always something very good 'round the corner.


  13. Oh your photos are so creative and full of light and beauty. I love them all. I love you and your blog too. Your writing is so heartfelt and real and raw. Keep being YOU.


    P.S. Your design is SO gorgeous. really.

  14. lovely post :) i love your photos.

  15. I love your blog! Your writing is amazing and I just love your photography.
    I'm a photographer too :)
    New follower!



  16. Art is hard, no matter how you try to get around it or over it. Art requires a sense of bravery. To be an artist is a very respectable feat.

    My favorite frames fall first and last. The double exposure is wickedly creative.

  17. your pictures are beautiful and this post is lovely. :)

  18. Wow, your creations are so inspiring, girl!

  19. My my my, every time I visit your little corner of the web I am taken aback at the beauty you work so hard for- totally worth it and it shows <3

  20. Dear Acacia,

    Never stop. Your artistic endeavors in every corner of this blog are always amazing. It is a great inspiration to me. Your words are always so lovely, elegant, and effortless. They are so pungent and tasty.

    I know how you feel. Be real. Everyone is saying it, yet how hard is it to actually apply it to your blog. Your life. I definitely struggle with it. It's the balance of being real, yet it is not a bad thing to dwell on beauty. I think your blog is balanced so very well.

    Anyway, these pictures are delicious. I love the sunset.

    Thank you for your amazing soul and the pieces you let us see.

    P.S. Five siblings in three bedroom houses? I feel ya!

  21. These photos are beautiful!

    Jillian - http://epic-thread.blogspot.com

  22. ohmygosh, i can't get enough, all the details. -all photographed beautifully.