Summer's accent

In ten days time, my summer officially begins. The sun will climb up my wall and crinkled sheets will eventually fall off me.  Most likely I'll frantically worry about the things I've might have forgotten to pack.  Breakfast.  Shuffled chairs and cutlery's clinks will be heard then we'll zip up suitcases and throw on shoes; the taxi will pull up and all eight of us will squish in. We'll arrive in London and then depart on a plane - we'll be off to North America! 

Also, we're moving countries, but more on that later. Any guesses on where we're moving?  A special something (virtual hug?) to those of you who guess correctly. 

xo, A

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  1. i can't tell you how much i love the last one. ahh. it's absolutely darling.
    all of these are just gorgeous in general. and i'm guessing you are moving back to Canada?? xx. marcia

  2. Ooh exciting! Lovely photos as usual. I'm not really very good at guessing but the safe(ish) option would be back to the US.

    Anna x

  3. florida. isn't it!? (I actually have no idea where florida is...i'm australian)

    Stunning pictures. I am jealous. :)

  4. I can't imagine where you are moving to... but oh, pretty please, let it be close to Louisiana! Because that would be the best thing to happen this summer. Plus... I would totally want to listen to you talk for hours and adore your Canadian/England accent.

    These pictures... it's been raining and raining and raining over here and the subtle gold that creeps off your posts is like a much needed warm, relaxing blanket. You're beautiful and all you do-- as usual.

    Love you.
    p.s. that little guy in the bubbles? Give him a tickle for me, please.

  5. I'm hoping it's Idaho but my guess is probably somewhere in the South or the East Coast?

  6. I love how you photos are always a hodge-podge of just real life stuff and art and people and pretty things. it makes me happy. :) also, you're coming to this lil ol' continent of mine? COME SEE ME.

  7. My dear darling, will you ever stop being so ridiculously classy/lovely/talented/amazing??? Everything you say and capture makes my heart smile. You are a genuine treasure and I'm so thankful that I can call you a friend.

    That's another thing-- it has been almost one year since we started emailing/writing letters. I just can not describe how thankful I am to be able to call you a friend. Even though we live thousands of miles apart and we've never met, through our letters, emails, comments, posts, and Skype time, I feel like I've gotten to know you quite well. I have been immeasurably blessed through our friendship-- your honesty and sincerity and love have been so helpful to me over the past year. Also, I think this one-year thing calls for a little surprise package! :) Well, now it won't be a surprise. ;)

    Email coming soon! (Your last one was the best gift for a home-body wilting at the end of vacation!)

    Hugs, love, fruit pizza,
    Lindsey Lou

    1. Oh, Lindsey - I can't believe it's almost been a whole year! I, too, feel extremely privileged to call you a friend. You're so so special to me and I hope that our friendship continues to blossom and grow; maybe some day we can meet! I'll say more in the next email. :)

      Love you to bits.

      Acacia xxx

  8. Ah you're moving to North America! Exciting stuff. Hummmm I'm gonna guess New York. Wild card.

    1. Actually, we're VISITING North America for the summer, and then we're moving somewhere else... any guesses?

      Oh, but we have lived in NY (before we moved to England we moved there), so that was a pretty good guess! :)

      xo, Acacia

  9. You're visiting?! Will you be anywhere near-by? I miss you so much! ❤