eat, sleep, create, v.7 | 17 today

Splashes of colour, playing with watercolour + designs, and a birthday.

“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” m a r y  o l i v e r  |  some birthday inspiration. :)

                                                                             Today I'm 17! 
                                                                             xo, Acacia

ps we've been internet-less for while (hence my lack of posting) but within the next few days we'll have internet so I look forward to regularly posting again soon!


  1. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (your birthday is exactly 7 months after mine...)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet friend!!! You are such an amazing young lady, and I hope you know what a blessing and inspiration you are to those near {and far away} from you. ;) If you EVER make it to California, please stop by. ;) Love you so much, dear friend!!! xx || grace

  3. Happy birthday, Acacia! i really love the bird.

  4. Happy late birthday!!! I love that card!!! So pretty! If you did that you are very talented!

  5. happy, happy birthday! the card is beautiful and such an inspiration.

  6. happy birthday, Acacia!!! i hope you had a fabulously happy birthday. :) and i love these posts; you are so creative, and such an inspiration. xx

  7. Happy Birthday, Acacia! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that you enjoy being seventeen! (:

  8. Dear Acacia,

    Happy Birthday! I have recently reached the venerable age of 17, too (in august) and for some reason feel that there is going to be all sorts of good things hidden in 17. I'm sure there is going to be for you, too. 17 is such an in between age, right after "sweet" sixteen before the "adult-ish" eighteen. It is an age where no one expects you do to anything yet, and so you are wholly yours for one more year at least.

    That print is so gorgeous. I'm sure you already know but I dearly love your painting. It is always so delightful!

    I hope you had a wonderful day, and ate a lot of cake (as is the best thing to do on birthdays, yours or otherwise). ;)

    Do you have any dreams for this year?

    Rebekah W.

    Today is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll ever be again.

    1. Dear Rebekah,

      Your comments always (somehow) manage to make my day! You're incredibly sweet and thoughtful - thanks for taking the time to write to me!

      Agreed - seventeen is such an 'in-between' stage; I feel compelled fully responsible person/adult, and yet I'm not quite there yet - it's an imbalanced feeling, really, being stuck between 16 and 18. But nonetheless, I'm hoping to dig as much out of 17 as I have of 16. :)

      My dreams/desires for this year?? Well, I want to ignite my few sparks of passion (especially in music and art) and blow them into more of a fire. I'd like to learn how to drive (it's about time...), get into university/prepare for uni/attend college. And, well I'd like to love just that bit more and laugh harder and live fiercer, unashamed, and 'not be anxious about anything, but in everything...give my requests to God'!


      PS That quote. Yes, yes, yes.

  9. happy belated birthday! hope it was wonderful!

    p.s. love the watercolor. so fun. :)

  10. oh, happy birthday sweet girl! i pray this year will be your happiest year yet!
    (and you have such talent! your watercolors are the loveliest.)

  11. I love looking at all of your pictures and you are just tooo creative.
    Your blog is wonderful dear!