sketches + such.

incomplete sketches / last years' winter /around my room / 

reading - Brave New World and The Hiding Place, 
drawing - bridge over water, Emile's beautiful face.
listening - Bach cello suites and the sound of chatter
dreaming - of travelling the world again (Paris and NY)
praying - for friend diagnosed with cancer and future plans
writing - (too) many essays, a research project, and a pen-pal
adoring - these sounds of a coffee shop (oh, and rain).
living - with the sounds and scents of Christmastime 
(cinnamon rolls, carols, and sips of Chai tea)

Have a lovely Christmas!



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  2. Beautiful pictures! I really like the sketch of someone holding a book... so good.

  3. LOVE your gorgeous little drawings.

  4. You're style is really cool, I love it! You seriously could do great illustrations for books!

  5. wow. this post is just so inspiring. lovely everything x

  6. I love how you post about your drawings they are beautiful. I love reading the Hiding Place, Corrie ten Boom is such an inspiration.

  7. Loverly, m'dear!
    I feel like I'm stepping into your world with all of these sketches and photos. I love how creative you are and how you pursue your passions with so much… well, passion!
    On another note, Corrie Ten Boom is such a beautiful picture of loving with Christ's love to the fullest. I did a report on her in the spring and grew so much in my own faith. If you ever get a chance, "Tramp For the Lord" is a great book of hers. It's full of little stories from her life and how God used them in big ways.

    Those coffee shop sounds are like music to my ears! I *adore* coffee shops. Since my brother works at one, I go down there every week under the cover of "studying" but usually I just people-watch. Being cooped up at home all day gives me a greater desire to be around people, I think.

    I'll be praying for your friend! My heart breaks for you… cancer is so evil.

    Love and hugs,

    p.s. It's funny that you mentioned cinnamon rolls because my mamma just made some and I ate them ten minutes ago. :)

  8. *sniff* Your drawings. They are beautiful. Even if they are merely sketches to you. Still. You've inspired me to start painting again.

  9. ASDFGHJKL; those drawings, i can't even.

  10. This post inspires me above and beyond. Thank you for sharing your lovely artwork!