a study of colours, WHITE

I am deeply inspired by colours. 

Springing out of my love for colour, I'm beginning a (little) study on different colours.  On top of my eat sleep create project, I'm launching this project...can you tell I love collections of things and little + big projects?? :)

To begin the project, I'm throwing a few of my photographs containing some form of white into a post.  To a certain extent, I believe that white may not be considered a colour - but I love white so much I deem it a 'colour' despite it being a neutral one.

What is your favourite colour? 


PS If you'd like to do something similar to this project (post a collection of photographs with a chosen same colour in each photo) please feel free to do so; just link up to my blog post and let me know you did so. 


  1. OH.MY.GOSH!!! I love them all but especially numbers 2,8 and 9.!!!
    My favorite color would have to be anything related to blue and if I decide to do this project I'll let you know!
    You are too creative, girl!


  2. i seriously love your style of photography. ^_^

  3. wow, seriously. these photos are breath-taking. i'm amused by the different shades one color can make.

  4. These are truly beautiful pictures! I love this sort of photography. Great post :)

  5. SO BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS ASDFGHJKL; Okay. You're officially my favorite photographer.

    My favorite color is lavender. I also really like navy blue, coral, mint, black, and grey.

    (the soundtrack thingy is beautiful too, by the way.)


  6. Wonderful photographs

  7. darling, really. you need to be a writer of kinfolk - no, throw kinfolk out the window. you need to create your own magazine filled to the brim with your stills + words...everyone would have your work in their homes. really. you are amazing, and you take my breath away. xx

  8. i swear, you put too much loveliness on this blog. like seriously, it's capable-loveliness-scale might run out or something. I adore these so much, and I definitely want to join in on the challenge. Is this like a weekly thing or monthly thing, or just whenever? ;)

    1. Acacia /capturelife12.1.14

      oh my goondess, marcia, you just make smile SO much! thanks for you comment. :) to answer your question, this 'challenge/project' is going to be a whenever-you-have-time-to-or-feel-like-posting-thing. It's going to be free and open so that you can have time to collect photos that have a similar colour in them (I have collected all these photos over time, sooo, I'd gather you would, too!). Please-please do link up and just mention me at the bottom of you post! I'd love to see a few 'project-ers' join my journey. :)

  9. ahhh I really like this an awful lot. love how these images are all different and special and yet you tie them together. beeeeautiful, dear.

  10. loveloveLOVE these pictures.

  11. Dearest Acacia,

    You know I love all of your posts and projects, so I'm sure you know there isn't exception to this one.

    It's so lovely to see what you're inspired by. I love the different things we as humans respond to. See, by myself, I have never thought of colours exclusively or have been inspired by them just for themselves, but because I get to see how you see them, I grow in a special appreciation of them. How you say, "I am deeply inspired by colours," So wonderful. You are so inspiring, Acacia! The way you perceive things is so lovely.

    And these photographs are amazing. I especially love the last one. I love how you tie all these different subjects together.

    Thank you for being pretty darned amazing.


    P.S. I would definitely have to pick blue. All the shades of blue. Simply, because of the ocean.

  12. Anonymous16.1.14

    oh dear, these are so stunning! a beautiful collection of photos. and i'd say my favorites colors are green and red (not necessarily together though), although white is just so beautiful, and i definitely see it as a color too. :)
    - gabi

  13. All of these pictures are just stunning and magical! :)
    xo TJ


  14. I love this post too. Going now to pin these!