J U M B L E D thoughts

written on Saturday

Sometimes I'm organised and perfectly concise and chirpy sometimes I'm sloppy, sad, and feeling ugly and down.  Writing is like me, I suppose -- somedays it comes naturally, all happy and bright and clear.  Then on other days my writing is gloomy and wrinkled and undefined and crazy-all-over-the place.  So, sometimes I write and sometimes I don't - partially because of me and my pendulum-like personality (but that's just human nature I suppose) and partially due to the nature of writing (and inspiration, in general).

This morning I woke up and pushed myself deeper and deeper into my sheets (closing my eyes harder and scrunching up my shoulders while tucking my hands snug under my warm body).  Then I realised oh it's 8:30, I should really be up.  So I fluttered back my sheets and shivered as my fan blew a waft of cold air across the room, and pulled open the curtains; I expected a gush of warm, luscious light, a sky brushed with fluffy clouds. But no.  A simple grey and rather melancholy sky greeted me, beautiful nonetheless. 

For breakfast we ate pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and topped with a few banana slices.  After breakfast, I went through photos and locked a few thoughts into place (photography, buying Lightroom, finances, and more). 

I still don't know what I want to do with my life; sometimes I'm so certain that I want to study classical music that I practically scream 'YES' and then other times I shake my head and say 'No, I couldn't really - I'm an art and design and photography kind of girl.'   From the root that ties my heart to His, I trust God for His plan for me.  Somehow, through the cracks and crevices of my little life, God will orchestrate a plan - a wild, crazy, but good plan.  Somehow.

How are you feeling lately?



  1. Yawnie26.2.14

    I hesitate to click on your posts, not because they aren't beautiful or well written but because of your automatic music. I often read late at night or in an area where music isn't appropriate or I'm most often listening to my own music. Would you consider taking it off?

    1. Very sorry about that! I'll try to adjust it to manual setting (so that it doesn't automatically turn on). Much love! Acacia xx

  2. Anna Mae27.2.14

    I really like the 'feeling' of this post! Love your writing style (and photography!), too. <3

  3. Oh goodness gracious! Girl, sometimes I think we're pretty much the same person. Just today I've been struggling with/ thinking about each of these things. Writing, inspiration, future, music vs art, etc. I just feel so much and think so much and want to do so much that I don't know what to do with it all. Today during a music rehearsal, I had to fill in as accompanist and I practically died; I loved it so much that I wondered if maybe music is where my true desires lie. But when I pick up a pen or a paintbrush, though I have a hard time making myself do hard things, it's just like food to my soul. And then we're faced with the choice of which one we want to pursue professionally and we're forced to consider whether it will then become a burden or a task in stead of a joy. That's where I am right now. It sounds like we're in the same-ish place? Anyway, I'm praying for you, for God's direction in your life. Wherever He takes you, I just know you will excel! It's just who you are.

    Lots of love from across the sea,
    Lindsey Lou

  4. oh, I know these feels so very well.

  5. Yes! Today I'm tired but I'm always tired. Things the exam year do to you!

    Anna x

  6. Thanks for sharing, girl! Loved this post; I can relate to a lot of it. All we can do is trust in Him & know that all things work together for good. xo

  7. Your photos always get me! And your day sounds pretty great. I forced myself to get up around 11:30 because I had class, so I'm rather jealous of your early morning self. Haha. And growing up really isn't fun sometimes, but if your worst problem is that you're in love with a few too many things, I think you're doing pretty well, you talented girl. ;)

  8. omg your pictures are so pretty.

  9. Anonymous16.3.14

    absolutely beeautiful :)