a recent photoshoot with this gorgeous chic.  simply can't wait to share the rest!

My blogging has been slightly spontaneous and infrequent lately.  So all the more reason that I should get back into a 'bloggging routine' -- a flowing and working schedule -- something which will enable me to post quality as well as a little more quantity. Maybe a giveaway and just maybe a photo competition, etc. will follow. We'll see.  

I wanted to simply begin this new blogging season with a Q&A (answers will be posted within the next few weeks).  So please comment below ask, ask away!  I can't promise to answer every question I receive, but if you would jot down a question or two about photography, blogging, life, etc. I'd absolutely love to hear from you.  

What to ask?  Almost anything, really; "What's your favourite colour?",  "What does life mean to you?", "Who do you admire most?", "If you could travel anywhere where would you go?" -- the list could go on forever. ;)

xx, Acacia


  1. Clarissa22.4.14

    Oooh, lovely! I love Q&A's. My question for you is... what photographers/photographer do you admire most?

  2. THAT FIRST PHOTO THOUGH. so ridiculously gorgeous!
    + what is your all-time favorite book(s)?
    + what is your favorite and least favorite thing about living abroad?

  3. Well... what is it you love most about photography? X

  4. what is your favorite blog to gather inspiration from?

  5. Anonymous22.4.14

    Where do you see yourself in two years? In five? In ten?

  6. Beautiful photos I have ever seen!! So professional! You did a wonderful job! :)

    Question: Do you wish to take photos of Hawaii someday?

    Question: Do you plan on publishing a journal/photography book?

  7. Hi! I really like your blog! Your photography is beautiful! What kind of camera do you use?

    Amelia Grace

  8. Current favorite photographer and favorite editing style? :)


  9. How do you like being the oldest?
    Whats your favorite part of Australia (and all the other places you've lived)?
    And how long have you been doing gymnastics?

  10. oooh, your first picture is gorgeous! Here are my questions....

    What is your favorite book?
    What artist/photographer inspire you the most?
    What country do you consider you home country?

    I think I saw that you said you have 5 or 6 younger siblings- that's awesome! - I have 6 younger siblings as well.

  11. Are you enjoying Australian life?

    Picking up on the Aussie slang yet? haha, don't worry, I'm australian but I only recently read an "Australian Slang dictionary" and was so surprised at all the different slang words, it was like a different language!! :)

    What nationality are you?

    What is your dream career?

    Favorite books you would recommend?

    Have fun!

  12. how old are you & if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? xx

  13. i. Where do you edit your pictures?
    ii. Could you do a tutorial on how you edit pictures?
    iii. where did you learn to water color?
    ThANks. I love your blog, btw

  14. I love that second photo! It has a unique perspective.

    Hmm questions...
    - Who is your favourite artist/what's your favourite painting?
    - Favourite art books/art blogs?

  15. Also, how much time a day would you spend painting?

  16. where would you like to live when you are finished school?
    what is the best thing about painting for you?
    What was the first painting you really felt proud of and why?