Family | A Portrait Session

I photographed this beautiful family last week and thought why not share a preview??!  The sky was grey and bleak and I considered ringing the family and cancelling just hours before the shoot. I stuck to my instinct and left, despite the ominous weather, and look what happened!  We made beautiful photographs!  Need I say more?

I'd love to hear what you think -- do you have a favourite shot from this selection?  

xx, Acacia 

PS Would you consider sending a few prayers my way?  I'm very busy with university assignments and am working towards a big music exam in 2 weeks' time; I'd really appreciate prayer for wisdom and peace during this busy time.  Thank you so much! 


  1. How lovely! These shots are simply gorgeous... <3

  2. these are magical. every shot is so whimsy and ethereal and - oooh, acacia! you never cease to amaze me, you lovely girl.

    if you don't mind my asking, do you have any tips for family shoots? like how do you usually pose them {that in itself I have absolutely no idea how to do with even individuals :P}? I highly doubt it would work, because summer is busy with schedules n' such, but I'd love to do a family shoot with my friend's family of eight when I go down to LA in a few months. thanks, lovely!

    amour || grace xx

    1. Thank you so much, dear! :)

      As for tips, I've found beneficial when I photograph families...Search on pinterest 'photographing family shoots' or 'family shoot posing ideas' (and then you can go more specific - 'family shoot in the woods, on the beach, etc.' - wherever your doing it). That really helped me with posing ideas.

      Be in control, be 'bossy', know what you're doing and how you're going to do it. But also, shoot 'natural'; be okay with the kids running off (as they did in this shoot) and have fun with them. To get everyone's attention (esp. the kids') during the shoot tell the kids to say 'Pop up!' and when they do, click your flash button, and POP the flash goes up; they think it's hilarious and usually you can get their attention AND a good smile out of them. :)

      Also, get the kids to spin around a few times then look at the camera; make them run towards you and photograph them on the ground with their hands on their chin. Bringing a chair to capture overhead shots; simply getting different perspective on your shoot is also really helpful/lovely/beneficial.

      Hope that helps!

  3. oh, these are beautiful! and you totally captured the love between the family =] the fourth one from the bottom is my favorite - be still my beating heart!

  4. Anonymous20.5.14

    These are truly lovely. I love the mood the sky brings to the picture.

  5. Absolutely stunning! I'm just so amazed by you, Acacia! I particularly love the one of the girl lying in the grass with the pink dress. :)

    Love and hugs and sun tea,


  6. I adore the photos of the little girl lying in the grass. So lovely! <3

    A question: do you make money from your photo shoots, or do you just do it for enjoyment?

    1. Hi Kate! Sometimes I do it for free if it's for a friend or something (as seen a few posts back with the girl & and flower crown pictures)... but my family sessions are all paid. I run my photography business and website here -- and xx

  7. these are so so lovely! I adore your location and the shots of the girls spinning and laying in the grass are amazing. you have such a gift!
    and i'll be praying for you. you're gonna rock your exams, girl!

  8. I love these! (especially the on with the little girl lying down with her hands behind her head.) Great poses!

  9. So beautiful Acacia! Love them all but especially your first picture!

  10. Anonymous25.5.14

    these are soo beautiful and precious. your photography has my heart. xoxox