flowercrown girl watercolour (eat sleep create, v12)

eat sleep create, v12.
Archers Watercolour Paper, Smooth, 500GSM
Daler and Rowney Watercolours
1 Aquafine Daler and Rowney AF85 Round 
Nobel 8 
Neef 225 finest sable round 5/0
ink pen -- UniPin 0.1

Last week I worked on this simple, sweet watercolour inspired by issue #55 of Frankie Magazine (I actually just sent this to the winner of the watercolour giveaway!).  My mum surprised me with some new watercolour paper and a very tiny + new paint brush which I absolutely loved using for the little details on the eyes and lips of this girl.      

any ideas for what I should paint next? 

xx, acacia


  1. Love it!

    Hmm... next? I think a fun challenge might be to paint something in movement, showing multiple forms of it moving on one paper. Kind of blurred together. =) A bird in flight, an athlete dunking a basketball, a hand washing and drying, the sun setting, etc.

  2. So pretty and intricate! <3 The colors are great!

    Maybe you could paint something abstract-like next?

  3. This is lovely.
    (Also those books! I'd love to hear some of your favorite reads sometime!)