Awhile ago I asked you for questions and then I gave you answers to photography-related questions you asked me; I even made a video about how I edit my photos.   Finally, I'm answering more of your questions; this time they're a little more personal.

What are your all-time favourite books?  
Ooh, this is a hard one.  The Great Gatsby is bursting with rich and meaningful language (there is more to life than city life, glam, sex and parties).  To Kill a Mocking Bird was superb.   Recently I fell in love with A Room with a View by E. M Forester.  And I’m a huge classics fan —- Jane Eyre, Little Women, All Quiet on the Western Front, Of Mice and Men, Dickens’ work, and the list could go on and on.  Those are are a few of my many favourites.   And if you spot me at the library, I’ll probably be at be at a table studying or in the magazine or classics section. 

What is your favourite and least favourite thing about living abroad?
I love the chance to dwell and be in a completely different environment, an unfamiliar country.  I like waking up and whispering ‘This day is new and fresh and bursting with opportunity. Adventure is at my fingertips and I can learn so much from where I am now.’  The chance to meet different people and share my new adventures with you, my blogging friends, is such a privilege as I’ve moved abroad.

But there are downsides.  I hate goodbyes.  The day comes to leave (forever) and I’m hugging a close friend goodbye, my voice almost falling apart, saying ‘I will really.  Really.  Miss you.’ and then we hug tighter and somehow we’re pulled apart by time and space and sea.  And I’m gone.  Four years passes until I see my close friend again.  And that’s what I find most difficult.  Leaving people, memories, places behind.   

What country do you consider you home country/what nationality are you?

I own a Canadian passport and I have Canadian parents, so 'officially' I'm a Canadian. 

Where do you see yourself in two years? In five? In ten?
Most importantly, God has my plan woven out for me (Jeremiah 29:11) and I’m excited to see where He leads me.  As for where I see myself, I can only make a distant guess of where I'll be in years to come.  2 years’ time I’ll be 20 and hopefully will have a (bustling?) photography business.  I’ll definitely want to be blogging as well.  I’ll probably be at university (maybe in my second year doing visual arts?). In five years time I’ll be 23.  Probably finished my bachelors, I will hopefully have either a job or be doing photography full-time; maybe I’ll be doing some piano teaching or working with a design/fashion retailer.  Around then I see myself thinking more seriously about marriage.   10 years time I’ll be 27 (what?!).  I’ll be living on my own or possibly with a wonderful husband (who knows? A child or two could also arrive!).   I’d love to be integrated into the world of arts — be it through blogging, photography, writing, design, or visual art.  Ever since a young age, I’ve envisioned myself writing a book, and maybe 27 will be that year I do so! 

Throughout each of these years, I want my life to glorify Him who created me, inspiring my works of art because He is the ultimate artist, the greatest inspiration, the one who puts breath and life into me and my art. 

Are you enjoying Australian life?
 The weather at the moment is absolutely beautiful (75 degrees Fahrenheit); the animals — kangaroos, koalas, joeys, emus, etc. — are adorable; Australians are super-friendly; and life here is rather relaxed and easy-going — yes, I’m definitely enjoying life here.

What’s your favourite part of Australia (and all the other places you've lived)?

Canada: The ostalgia associated with Montreal — the rich and homey pang in my heart that says this is where I’m from.  Although I’m tied between being a country gal and city chic, I love my home city, Montreal, to bits. 

America:  I have so many wonderful friends and connections there.  So I’d have to say favourite ‘part’ of America is the people there (cliché but so true).  I like the bursting hot and humid summer days crammed with days at the pool and laughter (and independence day!).  I also love the the dark and cold, but mysteriously cosy and warm, snowy winer evenings.  And Christmas! I found the US to be delightfully festive around Christmastime.  

England:  England is true to its stereotypical quaintness — the 14th century buildings, tea-drinking galore, a bustling London and the English accent. England is often associated with to being a plain lovely and little country.   It is!  That’s what I love most about it. 

Australia:  The amazingly warm and beautiful weather, the beaches, the fun Australian slang (think Barbie, arvo, G’day, dunnie), and the friendliness of most Aussies.  I’ve only been here for around 7 months, so I’m sure I’ll continue to discover more ‘favourite’ things about it.  

How long have you been doing gymnastics?
 Around eight or nine(?) I’m happy to say that I can still do the box splits and ‘normal’ splits!

Picking up on the Aussie slang yet?

I just learnt what arvo means (afternoon) and recently used it when talking to a friend *proud smile*.  Besides that, I don’t often use Aussie slang -- or slang in general.  So although I’ve learnt new terms (barbie, arvo, dunnie, etc.), for the most part I don’t use them.  I'll let you into a little secret of mine:  I don’t like slang. ;)

What is your dream career? 

 I can’t think of one specifically, but a few would be:  Professional art/photography blogger, professional photographer, music teacher or professor at university, location photographer, writer, magazine/fashion editor, wardrobe stylist... (the list goes on) 

Where would you like to live when you are finished school?
I was asking myself the same question yesterday!  Canada, possibly… but I’m most familiar with the US as I’ve lived there most of my life, so I could very well end up there!  Mostly, it depends where I find work opportunities.  Europe — particularly Paris, London, Italy and Amsterdam — is tantalising.

 How do you like being the oldest?

For the most part, I like it.  But with being the oldest comes a lot of responsibility and example-setting for the 5 younger ones.  I enjoy being the first to try or do something (or being forced to do something — “Come on, you’re the eldset!  You have to go first!”).   Being the first-born has meant that I’m first to get a license, go to university — and travel with my dad with his work to Barcelona Spain.

If you have any more questions you would like add to my next Q&A post, ask me in the comment section!  I'd love to hear from you.  I'll try my best to answer every question. :) 

Have a beautiful day.

Acacia X


  1. Hey Acacia! I just wanted to introduce myself because I just found your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it. I'm an 18 year old homeschool graduate and traveler in training. So I am amazed by the list of places you've had the chance to live in! Oh, also my first neice was born this week and her name is Acacia. Anyways, I'm excited to have found your beautiful blog.

    1. That is SO neat! I told my mum and she thought it was pretty amazing, too. How is your niece's name pronounced? I go by 'Ahh-cass-ee-uh'. :)

      Thank you for your kind words; I'm so glad you've stumbled across my little blog-sphere! X

  2. oh, i love seeing a bigger peak into your life. and can i just say you have the best taste in books?! classics are my favorites as well.

    1. Thanks, darling! Do you have any classic favourites that you'd recommend? X

  3. Your photos are absolutely stunning, gorgeous blog!<3

    1. Thank you Lauren! So glad you stopped by! X

  4. What a lovely little peek into your life! I love learning about peoples' favorites, least favorites, dreams, plans, etc. You, Acacia, are so bright, creative, rooted, and optimistic, that I have no doubt that you'll do incredible things in the next two, five, ten, or however many years the Lord gives you!
    Hugs from a fluorescent-lit community college hallway at 7:44 am,

    p.s. those last three photos are my favorites. :)

    1. Oh, Lindsey -- it's been too long since we've chatted. We must catch up soon. I'd love to hear all the details about YOUR college life at the moment! Thanks for the encouragement, dear; you always mange to sprinkle love and blessings into my day.

      Love from my sunny, white bedroom at 2:33pm,

      Acacia X