My mum and I popped into Melbourne the day before my birthday.   We rode on the trams, watched bicyclists rush past, took pretty pictures of skyscrapers, bought mangos and passion fruit, ventured into potentially one of the world'd largest H&M's outlets, ate a delicious lunch, got lost, asked for help, missed our stop, and hitched a ride to the right station with the loveliest lady and her two daughters.  We adventured well, to say the least!   

What places are on your to-visit list?  I'd love to visit New Zealand. 


PS The first & second picture? Pumpkin pizza and greek salad, which we ate seated at a small restaurant on one of Melbourne's quintessential cobbled roads. Still can't get over how crazily delicious the pizza was. 


  1. love, love, love! I would love to visit Australia! And England. And France. And El Salvador. And India. And Uganda. Well...I guess everywhere!
    Sarah xox

  2. GAH!! so so lovely. and simple. and simply lovely. :) your eye for beauty still astounds me. :) xx

  3. Wow! these pictures are amazing! Seeing your pictures made me feel like I was there!
    x x

  4. Anonymous22.12.14

    pumpkin pizza? yum. your adventures seem so exciting!

  5. These photos should be used in a magazine, they are so gorgeous. Mmm, that good looks delicious, as well! Melbourne is now on my "must-visit" list. It's so beautiful.

    1. FOOD* haha. So many words at once.

  6. These photos are making me drool. I long for new places and spaces, colors I have never seen before, and for people I have never met. sigh.

  7. You're making me want to pack my bags right now and just leave for Melbourne. I love travelling and my to-visit list is probably filled to the max. So lovely.

  8. OH MY HEART. girlllll, these frames are absolutely amazing. they belong in a magazine!! like, i just can't get over it. the first, second, and third frames, especially. i just want to have them printed on canvases and hung on my wall. ;)
    NO BUT SERIOUSLY. wow wow wow wow wow. these are truly the essence of adventure and summer and travel.

  9. It does indeed sound like you adventured well.. that sounds absolutely fabulous! I love adventures. I would love to visit France and Italy.