Finally, after what seems like an endless semester at university, I have finished exams and assignments and am thrilled to fill my days without obligation to do university work and study for exams.   Now I can spend my days huddled inside or bundled up outside (yay nay for winters in Australia!) continuing with daily life, trying new recipes, painting and working on blog posts.  Here is the first result of my uni break -- a tour inside my hand bag!

1. The bag.   I used to cover my old bag, placing my hand over a big hole/patch on the front because it looked so nasty!  Was it time for a new bag?  Undoubtedly. I went on a hunt for a classy, hippie and bold yet under-stated bag but couldn't find anything (perhaps being slightly picky and a perfectionist isn't that wonderful after all).  At a surf store, I stumbled across this bag and said 'YES!'.  It was on sale for $27 and although it didn't live up to the 'hippe' expectation, it definitely fit 'classy'.  It's also versatile as the top folds down.

2. Always, a good book.   As you wait for the bus or take public transport - a good book is essential!  I'm carrying The Magic Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, which is the perfect size to slide into my purse: simply written and full of practical tips, it's the perfect book to read even as you have something else on your mind -- like not missing the bus!

3. Wallet.  I was blessed with this wallet from a friend who was clearing out her garage.  It is brown leather and easily snaps open and shut.  When you're desperately scrambling in your purse for 20 cents more to pay the cashier, ease of use is crucial to have for a wallet, right?!

4. My new business cards!  I recently ordered them from  When I told people I ran my own photography business, several times I was asked if I had a business card.  Unfortunately, I had to say no... until I bought these pretty cards: I slip them in my wallet and happily hand them to people when they ask me my website or blog address!  If you own a small business or run a blog, I highly advise you order moo cards or simply take thick card paper and write your website address, name and details in pretty calligraphy and hand them out to people when they ask for your website.

5. Hand cream, lip gloss and hand sanitiser.  Hand cream is essential (dry hands and winter simply don't fare well together).  I use the Body Shop's argan oil hand cream, which is light and refreshing but I'm on the hunt for a hand cream that's more moisturising.   I also carry my favourite mint lip gloss which I've had for about three years (say whaaat?!); you can buy it here. My lips are *glowing*, sparkling and shining after use and I absolutely adore the refreshing mint tang the lip gloss gives. I also carry a simple anti-bacterial hand gel - it smells like a splash of waves from the Caribbean and you can buy one like it here.

6. Camera & Little Brown Box to keep memory cards in.  I don't always carry a camera on me --except on my iPhone (another bag essential!) -- but when I do I love to store my memory cards in an old vintage watch box that  slides open and fits my memory/CF cards in perfectly!

What are your purse essentials?  I'd love to know! xx


  1. OOH! You have such lovelies in your purse! And your business cards are pretty rad!

  2. That is a super classy bag. (surf shops always have the BEST finds.) And I love your business cards..! Like, how pretty. I like your idea about having those for giving out your blog address to people who ask. May just have to do that.

  3. My favorite purse essentials? Plenty of colored pens and a little notebook. You never know when inspiration for a new story or poem will strike!