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Remember to stop comparing and start living

Remember to hold your head high and do what needs




Remember to close, to drop, to push away

the unseeded, the unneeded, the unnecessary.

Pull closer, pull nearer, and pull dearer to God, family, books, yourself.

Tethered between do and don't, we are in a constant flux of procrastination. 

Laziness, on the behalf of too much to do, but why?

dream, Dreamer, dream.

pursue, Pursuer, pursue.

fight, Fighter, fight.

Like a satin robe falling gently and carelessly off shoulders and tumbling gracefully to the ground in a hushed flurry, it is far, far too easy to slip away from Him.  Satan is deceptive, cruel, and malicious but cunning.

Echo stay and remain in His love.

Life is not rushing, life is not fighting, life is being. 

Goodnight, goodnight. 

A flurry of thoughts on a Friday night.  Quick, abrupt ramblings in a poetic (?) format - something different to freshen up and declutter my mind.  Writing does a marvellous job of decluttering the human mind.

With kitchen renovations underway, house-sitting for family friends, and a friend visiting from the States, life has been very busy.  I'm also making exciting plans for this blog (which will come into action as I'm on university break!).  Stay tuned!

Is life busy and bustling or slow and steady where you are?

Acacia xx


  1. Essie17.7.15

    Beautiful writing! So inspiring! I love this. My life has been on the busy side for sure. xoxo E

    1. Thank you, Essie! I am thrilled it inspired you. :) Thinking of you in the midst of your busyness, Acacia xx

  2. I think I needed this because I really do need to stop comparing and start living. I don't know why I'm dwelling so much right now, when I should just let it all go. Why can't I simply just live?

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Yes yes yes -- to stop comparing and start living can be extremely difficult to do. Some tips? Start tracking your everyday movements -- how much time you spend on Facebook and social media, what time you go to bed, how often you're getting outside in the fresh air, how often you read books and notice what is and isn't working. Adjust accordingly. Read inspiring books like 'The Compound Effect' and Proverbs! Take responsibility, be persistent and you'll see fabulous results. You can do this - repeat "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength"! :) Have a lovely weekend, Acacia xxx

  3. "Echo stay and remain in His love." yes. yes. yes. yes.
    i've been slowly trying to declutter my life physically {yay for a really clean and organized room!} as well as mentally. i feel as though there are so many stories and emotions swirling within me, i simply have to get them out. can't seem to get enough of words lately.
    lovely post as per usual, m'dear. xx

    1. Thank you so much, Grace. As well as decluttering my life mentally (like in this post) I've also been decluttering physical space like you have. I've been thinking about posting on decluttering (physically) - maybe your comment is a sign! ;) Thanks so much for your lovely note! xxx

  4. Thank you so much for your beautiful words and thoughts. This is definitely what I needed to read right now. Your way with words is so amazing.

    1. You are so kind and thoughtful; thank YOU for writing such sweet words! You put a big smile on my face. :) Have a lovely day, Acacia xx

  5. Your photos honestly never fail to amaze me. I especially love the second and fifth one. Stunning! Great poem, too. I'm such a big procrastinator, so this really gives me motivation.

    1. Thank you, Jenny!! I absolutely love hearing which photos readers like best & I'm thrilled you liked my poem! :) As much as I hate to be one, I could easily be deemed as a procrastinator as well - but I'm trying to overcome it to the best of my ability! Writing, praying, and plowing though hard work I don't want to do, albeit hard & tiresome to persist through sometimes, definitely helps. :) xxx