the be project, v 5 - BE HAPPY 

a compilation of photos from recently -

1. savour
2. searching
3. film & feet
4. a best friend & the ocean
5. summer, please
6. an exciting shoot for beloved magazine
7. fresh air, warm skin

I've been savouring and breathing in life's simple joys - swimming in the ocean, sitting and thinking and praying, purposefully reading and studying God's word daily, doing yoga before bed, making delicious smoothies, laughing and eating and sharing with friends. The university semester begins in a few days and March will be full with weddings to photograph and assignments to complete but I've been physically, mentally and spiritually gearing up.

Are you overwhelmed by life's tasks?  Here's a little list of things to do which will brighten your day and plant a spark of joy in your soul.

Treat yourself 

Lunch at your favourite restaurant, a good book, an afternoon at the ocean, long, deep conversations, a favourite smoothie or drink, a delicious pizza, laughter with friends, a prayer and Bible reading session, trying something new, organising, dreaming, planning, writing: What is it that gets you excited about life?  Indulge in life's simplest pleasures.  Note what you love, do what you love, follow what you love.


Smile, right now.  Grin!  Laugh!  Fake it till you make it.  Seriously, set your timer for 7 minutes and smile the entire time.  Note how your mindset changes as you smile: Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin - two amazing feel-good hormones.

Stay grateful. 
Look around you - there are countless blessings which God has showered on you and your life.  Write or speak out loud a long list of the things God has blessed you with.  Praise Him!

Switch your mindset.

We're born with 50% of our 'happiness', only about 10% of our happiness is environmental and 40% of our happiness is mindset-based (more here!).   Think positively, wash away thoughts of 'I can't do this' to 'I'm so excited to do this; I can and will complete this task'.

Deep breaths.  Perspective.  Absorb.

Our lives are fleeting and short; ultimately, we don't have yesterday or tomorrow - all we have for certain is today (and the hope of eternity!).  Breathe in this moment.  Let your body, mind and soul become so immersed in what it means to be alive now.  Feel your surroundings.  What can you hear? Smell?  Taste?  See?  Absorb and savour the strange and wonderful beauty of life.

Compliment someone.  Talk to a stranger.  Tell someone you love them.

One of the best ways to boost your happiness is to boost someone else's happiness.  Tell someone how wonderful they look today, say 'Hello!' and give a warm smile to a stranger, tell or text a friend letting them know you're thinking of them and love them.

Journal, write, pray, speak

Write your thoughts, feelings.  Speak them!  Pray over them!  Discuss your thoughts with a close friend or family member.  Releasing and sharing our feelings does wonders to spark a deep and inner sense of joy.

What do you do that plants a seed of joy in you heart?  I'd love to know! xx


  1. I LOVE this. Your photography: gorgeous as always. Congrats on the amazing-sounding photo shoot for that magazine!

    The 'switch your mindset' bit....! WOW. That's something a lot of us don't think about very often and it's so revolutionary to life. It's all up in our noggins.

    1. Aww thank youuu! You are too kind. :) So glad you found this inspirational xxx

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  3. Thank you for the positivity and the gorgeous photos. Maybe it's time for me to change my mindset... because I've been negative for too long now.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. You are very welcome, M! And I'm thrilled you love the photos! A change of mindset is definitely worth a try :) xxx

  4. Thank you for sharing such gorgeous photographs and inspiring words with us! It's always a joy to read your posts! I'll definitely be trying out those tips. <3

    1. Eve, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a wonderful, sweet comment. It put the biggest smile on my face :) xx

  5. Anonymous6.3.16

    These are pretty good. thank you for sharing!

    1. You are so welcome! Thanks for stopping by, Kendra :) xx

  6. This is such a great post, Acacia! Thanks for putting this up.

  7. Lovely post, dear. Thank you for sharing.