droplets from my journal


a collection of photographs from lately. 

1.  Never lose your sense of wonder.  Dream always.  Pursue always.  Hope always.  Laugh always.  Love always.  Rejoice always.   

2.  Sit and soak; lap and listen.  The air is milky and soft; the sun is clouded.  We wonder if the softness will last, the lapping, licking, slapping, kissing of the waves to the shore will rush into eternity, into entirety, or vaporise and fall away. The sun glows.  She aches to be appreciated, to be basked in. We pull her into our faces, tearing off layers of clothing to sit in her splendour.  Exist slowly, live softly, dream intentionally. 

3.  Things which are always a good idea:  Dancing; a warm autumn evening, candles, a big cup of tea, a journal and pen and an outpouring of thoughts and dreams; trips to the ocean; laughing till it hurts (with friends, by yourself, or at yourself); reading the Bible; home-made pizza and a favourite smoothie; buying plants and gardening; running, biking, swimming; deep conversations; travelling; worshipping! praising! praying! 

4. Everything from within manifests itself without.  The inner being is a mere reflection of the outward being - of habits, of behaviour, of lifestyle, of doing and laughing and talking.  It is of uttermost importance to acknowledge and nurture the inner being, to empty ourselves so that we may be filled with the Spirit, open to this earth, ourselves, others.  Ask Him to empty you of your desires, your dreams, thoughts, to-do lists and self-centred ideas. Receptiveness increases the more empty we are: Our surrounding become more vivid, more saturated with life and meaning because we see not thought the lens of our being and our selfishness but through the lens of God's grace and Spirit.   Emptiness is crucial because it provides the capacity to be filled.   Likewise - the more we give, the more we have the capacity to receive.  

5. The eradication of self, the release, the falling, the dripping, the dropping, the undoing - all for a higher purpose.  Contemplating what it means to empty in order to fill, to lose in order to find, to fall in order to rise. The world leaks with paradoxes and perhaps this is the most grand and mysterious of them all:  That in order to find ourselves we must first lose ourselves.  Brokenness and emptiness yields abundant blessings and goodness if only we seek God above all else.

6.  My heart is constantly tethered between 'I need more routine and stability in my life' and 'I crave endless messy and honest conversations, getting lost in the middle of nowhere, falling deeply in love and travelling the world and living each day wildly, honestly and intentionally'.  Forever caught between a strong mind and a fragile heart (unknown) 

7. And so the endless process; dream, breathe, do, repeat.

Stay curious.  Stay strong.  Seek Your creator.  Live honestly, intentionally and with zest. 

xx Acacia 


  1. I love number 6. I think I need to copy number 6 into my own journal now.

    The Life of Little Me

  2. as always, your photography is breathtaking! <3

  3. oh. oh. this is so light and airy but rich with real living. acacia, dear, you never cease to inspire me, lovely. <3

  4. I think I just fell in love with your photos!!! I love this so much