I'm so grateful for small things in life... hanging up lovely-smelling laundry, relishing on pages from a good book, making inspiration boards, running in golden lighting, the warm wind whipping my hair, and paintbrushes gliding across paper.  

001.  inspiration boards and calligraphy

 As I cut out pieces of paper from a fashion leaflet, an idea popped into my mind -- I'd make an inspiration board with a friend theme. It turned out very well!

The quote reads: Many people will walk in and out of your life but only true friends will leave foot prints in your heart. -- Elanor Roosevelt
(Ahem. Please excuse the bad quality -- and overall, bad picture, -- that you see above.)
I've always loved writing... and cursive and calligraphy.  Do you do any calligraphy or make up any creative fonts?
002. cute cottages, crisp leaves, crocuses and hydrangeas.
When I walked by this sweet cottage, I was smitten with it. What cottage could be cuter than that? 

crisp leaves on ground = fall around the corner.

004. roses, grass, and golden lighting

I was out relishing in some golden lighting yesterday.  It was lovely  All photographers love this golden hour right?

005. pages
 I made a new blog page!  I'm so excited to announce: aujourd'hui {meaning ''now'' in French}.  It's a little journal where I post small sentences, things I've been enjoying, etc.  Take a look! -- and why not check it daily? 
What do you think?


  1. lovely photos.

    there is something so elegant and beautiful about hand written script. i think it's really a lost art now -- i can look at my grandmother's handwriting and see such beauty. i love that writing and calligraphy was a favorite of yours!

    have a blessed friday


  2. That first shot has inspired me to take a trip to our local art museum with my 3 year old while my 5 year old is in school! Thanks! :) And your board is so cute...love it!!

  3. First time visitor. I love the blog! These shots are great! I use to try to write calligraphy with the fancy pens and everything, but I don't do that much anymore. Have a great day!

  4. I love the inspiration board ..beautiful!! Great photo's!! :0)

  5. That cottage is adorable! I really like your blog design... did it change? Either way, it's quite lovely :)

  6. That cottage really is darling! And I love your flower photos!!

  7. Oh, yeah. That's definitely the cutest cottage ever!

  8. i love writing (and doodling). i love calligraphy & creative fonts! i have tons of writing utensils & am very possessive of them!

  9. beautiful captures, thanks for sharing a sweet note!

  10. Beautiful pictures! Have a great weekend xo

  11. i think everybody's already said it... but the cottage is so cute! thanks for linking up. :)

  12. Just found your blog via Finding Joy. I love the picture of the cottage. Just so serene and lovely.
    Second, I LOVE the inspiration board. Love it. I think I may try making one of my own.
    Glad I found you today!

  13. Wow, such gorgeous photos!
    I am checking out your Aujourd'hui blog now- thanks for letting us know about it! :)

  14. your photos have creative perspective! new angles of vision. awesome.

    Light Trigger: OUR ENTRY

  15. Aww... thanks everyone for all your sweet comments -- they really made my day!