a crisp autumn morning spent at the market

a c r i s p  a u t u m n  m o r n i n g

It's early morning: Sun sprays light everywhere, grass sparkles with dew and a blue sky reflects on to the car window.  The car door shuts and a shudder is sent throughout the car...  It only adds to the chill.  But I grin, because momma and I are heading to the market early on a Saturday morning.  

  // Smiling, I slip on a pair of lavender colored flats and nod to mum, ''yes, they're lovely!''...
She replies, ''Okay, we'll get these then."  

d o  y o u  l i k e  s h o e  s h o p p i n g ? ?



  1. i just came home from shoe shopping now! i'm going to do a post on it later, but let's just say that lots and lots of loveliness is in order, so much lovely i swooned multiple times. great post :))
    -jocee <3
    {and i'm REALLY in love with your playlist now. gah.}

  2. Anonymous24.10.11

    Oh my, yes. I love shoes. Too much! Boots, flats, sandals, heels, the whole bit. :)

  3. Oh, yes, I love shoe shopping! You're Lavender Lovelies are so pretty, and I confess to being a mite envious of them.... ;)

  4. Lovely post! Yes, I adore shoe shopping, and since a few of my sandals have lately been broken and lost, I hope to go for a round soon!

  5. i love love love those shoes. they are simply gorgeous.

    i am currently on the search for a pair of high-heeled black or grey oxfords. <3

  6. beautiful, Acacia! I'm always far too conservative in my clothing choices, but the lavender color is lovely on these.

  7. i love your shoes, and the autumn shots. nice!

  8. yes yes. of course I do! I've been loving my new beach feet boots, sort of like uggs but about $150 less expensive, if you know what I mean. ;) also loving toms (toms.com) and I basically wear moccasins every day; I have two different pairs. :) happy wednesday dear!