au revoir, octobre . . . bonjour, novembre

the syrupy, golden lighting that comes swirling down from the sky and dapples my hair and the auburn leaves.   the crisp winds that blow.  the smiles that are exchanged. the whisper's of the wind.  the cry of the night owl. the stacks of crisp, new school books.  the short days and early mornings.  the warm woolly scarves.  the beautiful serenity.

fall is fleeting.  the trees' leaves will be no more.  colder winds will howl, and snow will join it's symphony.

- - - - - 
more coats
and mittens
barren trees
bleek days
warm fires
a 15th bday

what are you looking forward to this cold November? 
as the French would say, Que cherchez-vous avec impatience cette froide Novembre?
xxx Acacia


  1. Oh wow, I love these!

  2. après charmante. Je suis impatient à l'frisquet nuits, des feux de joie et de trouver un emploi!

  3. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I love your posts! You capture the whimsiness of life in but only a few words. now that's talent. :)


  4. Rachel1.11.11

    I'm looking forward to cozy reads, hot chocolate and conquering my fear of shorter days--letting winter work its wonder in me.

  5. i'm looking forward to cold. just cold. :))
    -jocee <3

  6. I'm looking forwards to thick blankets, long books, and a cuddly cat. :) A cup of tea alongside isn't a bad idea either. :)BTW, your music is lovely!

  7. I am not looking forward to the cold, everything else i am pretty excited about.. but, not the cold!! :(

    I love these pictures!

    In our sea of love

  8. Aw, winter. :) I'm looking forward to the jollyness that is Christmas. :)

  9. ahh! Parlez-vous français? or rather, do you speak French? (: I only speak a wee bit, but I love it.
    happy November to you!! ♥

  10. nice pictures!

    Hmm the translation is more like:
    "Qu'attendez-vous avec impatience pour ce froid novembre?"
    French is my first language!! ;)


  11. Same with me Jennoelle! I can carry a conversation in French, but I still need help! I want to become fluent in French!

    Acacia, beautiful pictures, and beautiful post!

  12. November--not my favourite month. But like you I'm blogging about it anyway!
    Looking forward to mittens.

  13. Wonderful pics!

  14. Anonymous2.11.11

    Oh dear, loveliness! I love your writing. so sweet.
    and that first picture was amazing.

    you have such talent!


  15. lovely post!
    non, je ne suis pas impatient de le froid! mais oui, j'adore l'atomne couleurs!
    though, that is european french, not canadian french.
    I'm studying french and I love it so much! but I can't wait to be fluent in it. I want to go to a little french village for three months to learn it quicker:-) ah! you live in the UK!
    it's so nice to find another UK-blogger...

  16. @nzikigirl :: thanks for stopping by! and it's lovely to see you live in Australia! We have close friends who just moved to Melbourne and will be staying there for 4 months. :)

  17. @ Cubette: J'utilise Google translate parce que mon français n'est pas très bon! : - / Je ne suis pas impatient de le froid aus

  18. @Jennoelle : ... I cheated! I only know a bit of French... (working through a French Grammar course this year), so google translate helped me a bit. :) HOWEVER, my parents are fluent in French and I just know that someday I'll be fluent in it, too -- and I'm sure I'll go to France... well, I hope!

  19. @ ashlyn. no. you're sweet. too sweet, as a matter of fact.
    when i took that first picture, i gasped at the amount of bokeh i had captured. i never intended getting such a lovely picture! thanks for you sweetness! since i only use a wee little point and shoot, i think of every good picture as a blessing from God. :)

  20. @ grace @ rachel-- (hey mum!) @ vera @ emily @ libby @ haley @ kaitlyn @ amanda @ jocee @ [e v e r y o n e else who commented in this post]
    you totally made my day. i can't thank you enough. really.

  21. Hello Acacia!

    Well, we are starting a blog design business, except our site is up yet (we're slowly getting all the kinks done). But I suppose if you want to be our guinea pig we'd be more than happy! You can contact Marieanne on her blog, or you can e-mail me at

    Your blog is beautiful! And I love, love, love your photography...someday when I figure out my brother's Canon Rebel...nevermind. ;D

    Thank you for following!


    { Bethany }

  22. i looove your blog! your photography and writings are beautiful!! i'm glad i found you and i'm following!