happy, busy, beautiful holidays.

// me // acacia // ahh cass ee ahh //

 It sweeps shut.  The Christmas lights twinkle, seemingly flicker in a nanosecond.  I blink, lashes flutter, move slowly... I breathe deeply.  I relish the laughter and business, but try to live fully through this winter season.  I hold my breath, look around, close my eyes, whisper a prayer of thanks.  The beauty of winter shines through when I'm still, I notice.

"Be still and know that I am God.'' I try to.  I yearn  to. In the midst and rush of school, piano practice, acrobatics, tennis, visitors, chores, cleaning, cooking, caring -- I stop.  Breathe.  Relish.  It's not going to be like this forever.

  I can at least try to make the best of it, right?

 A few things that help me slow down? //

eating scrumptious things *winkwink*
writing and reading
Photography... it soothes the creative balms that splurge within me; so, in the midst of school and the holiday bustle, I take out my camera and start snapping. 

So, here's to Christmas trees, Jesus's birth, beautiful lights, snow, and making time to slow down. 

what do you like to do during Christmas?

xo, acacia


  1. as always, I am completely in awe of your blog design.
    and your photography.
    and i want some pancakes now.
    also, you're really pretty :)

  2. I love your photography, girl! <3 And your new design, so darn cute.

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  3. that last picture is so pretty!! :)

  4. love your photos!
    And totally in love with the design!! :)


  5. you are quite the gorgeous one. also, bokeh is awesome.
    -jocee <3

  6. love your lights...bokeh = ♥ also, your design is marvelous. like, don't ever change it again. it's that perfect.

    "be still and know that I am God"--a good thing to repeat to myself. favorite.

  7. You are really (really!) clever at taking beautiful pitures!! I love the ones in black 'n' white! During the Christmas holidays one of the things that I love to do is sing carols. Not that I'm outstanding at it but I think that it's a fun way to praise God.
    ~ Chloe
    P.S. Nice pancakes!!

  8. Love your blog design! It's gorgeous. Beautiful post. :)

  9. @ mary ann //
    you're wonderful. that is all. every time i read a comment posted by you, i grin.

  10. @ haley and-everyone-else who likes my blog design: thanks a wholewhole lot. i think i've finally got a blog design that i really like. :)

  11. @Julianna @Marieanne // thank you, dears! (Your opinion on design is important to moi, Marianne!) xoxo

  12. @ jocee // the simplicity yet complexity displayed in your comments is stunning. you never cease to put smile to my face.

  13. @ Jenoelle // your comments? simply LOVELY. No, seriously. I L-O-V-E your comments. Thanks for making my day. xx

  14. @ Chole // Aww, well, thanks!! I didn't think I was THAT good of a photographer. I still need my dSLR that's sitting on a shelf in a store somewhere. :P Saving up is so, very hard though.

  15. @ Kimberly // YAY! YAY! I'm so happy that pretty much everyone likes my blog design. I'm deee-lighted.

  16. @ everyone // Wheeeww! I actually responded to every one of your comments. {Just 'cause I love ya.} :) Every once in a while, I'll reply to each and everyone of your comments in a post to show my gratitude and appreciation. Because, seriously, y'all put a b i g smile to my face.
    >>-----> xoxo Acacia >----->

  17. Your writing is seriously gorgeous and your photos are stunning. Also your eyes are so pretty and I'm jealous of your artist skills. :D Beautiful post!