mixed up

   It's cold and dark out now, the Christmas tree lights flicker, my sister hums a tune, I type like the wind and listen to this Jamaya song.. This song it makes me want to dance like crazy, paint a picture, laugh, jump around with my little sister, go visit friends and so something spontaneous.  Feelings = happy.

Tonight was reminiscing on a family birthday party and the taste that pumpkin log [above] gives.  That lovely, luscious taste that melts and unfurls in your mouth.  The spice that cuts in, fades... and the cream cheese frosting that mixes, melts spirals around.  It's ohsogood.  Care to come over and join me for a piece?   
    This tree has been therapeutic to my soul, it's given me countless pictures.  Oh yes, bokeh pictures, happy/sad pictures, perfect pictures, winter pictures, fall, summer, spring picutures.   I love you tree-y.    

why hello there!  there i am; perfectly normal me: ponytail, glasses, no make up.  

oh yes, and i just wanted to mention that i'm now listening to she&him sleigh ride and i simply cannot stop smiling.  i love she and him music so much.  SO much. 
and since i'm so inspired:

all via weheartit

   To finish?  School time.  Yeah, that's typical senior high life for me.  And piano practice.  And reading, writing, taking photos, blogging and all that fun stuff.

O h, and just so you know, Christmas is in ten days. Eeep.  And, a dinner by candlelight post coming soon aaand a love/happy/grateful post coming soon.  (Aren't you excited?  I am.)

xoxo a c a c i a rachel T.

[yes, my initials spell art.]


  1. that second photo is too cool. and you're so pretty! oh my lip gloss. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Anonymous15.12.11

    dear, each post here makes me take a deep breath and smile.
    ...and I'll take you up on stopping by for a piece. oh yes, I will.
    you are gorgeous. and your name? wow! I know people who live their name, and that just seems so you!

  3. you're pretty with your glasses! :)
    love the last picture, me I'm done with maths
    for now... going after Christmas!


  4. No way Christmas is in ten days!? When did that happen...? Mm, and a piece of that cake sounds divine. :)

  5. You are so cute! And yes, I will definitely come over and have a piece of pumpkin roll cake. Or five.

  6. you and your posts make me so very happy. yesyesyes.
    and your pictures are so loverly. and you are ohsovery pretty. and i want some of that cake.... nom nom.
    gracie <3

  7. I have three things to say:
    1. why yes, I'd love to join you for a piece of pumpkin log! that looks absolutely scrumptious.
    2. kinfolk is the BEST
    3. and so are your initials, ART.
    p.s. I'm having a 100 follower giveaway at my blog with 8 sweet prizes, if you'd like to enter!