unique between causal

I scrambled out of bed, sleepy-eyed and disarrayed, and pulled open the blinds. I saw the sun rising between bundles of houses and trees; the sun - golden, magenta, warm and creamy. It slowly slipped it's way into the sky. I saw beauty between mundane, unique in the midst of causal.  
You see, lately I've found it hard to see beauty through the mundane; and how I long for adventure. To be in Paris, the Louvre, a coffee shop in Italy, splashing in the shores of New Zealand, climbing the mountains of Scotland or participating in the bustle of London or NYC... my mind wanders, clicks -- yes, I also strive to be a hunter of beauty.  I strive not to gain that beauty with money and traveling expeditions, but through God's creation, everyday happenings, my own talents, inspiring pictures and words.  

“I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.” 
― Laura Ingalls Wilder

 (homemade bread)

creation - (anatomy and physiology)

  (film grain)


xxx acacia

post script:  I would really like your opinion - please comment! - do you like my drawings/paintings/art endeavors enough to see me posting about them often on here?   


  1. Your art is amazing! I love seeing what you create. :)

  2. Are you kidding? Your drawing up there is amazing!! I love it -- please post more.

    Also, those shots of the sunset are gorgeous. I loved this poetic/inspiring post♥

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. homemade bread = oh, my gosh.
    your doodles = oh, my gosh.
    i think i love you. ;)
    -jocee <3
    {pea ess: when we put the option to submit things to AOU, i demand you send in something. kay? kay. cool.}

  4. I love this post and how you portray beauty! It is great!

    You are doing 'Exploring Creation With General Science' aren't you? So am I! I love that book! :)

    Your doodles are really cute too!

  5. hi. I'm in love with your blog. and YES, I enjoy your drawings/paintings/art endeavors :) keep it up!
    that sunset is breathtaking.

  6. Your writing, photography, everything is always beautiful. It makes me smile at life -- especially at the mundane. Your posts are almost like a deep, slow exhale.

    And your doodles are beautiful. I love it when you post your artwork. :)

  7. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Do you like the book you are working on, or does it bog down in information a little to much? My Wile book tends to do that quite often.

  8. those sunset pictures are SO beautiful!! and your drawings,they're amazing!! :) :D

  9. I love your doodles! Wouldn't mind seeing more. :)

  10. yes, your doodles are so cute! i love drawing, even thought i'm hardly good at it.

  11. lovely lovely. and yes, I adore your art! let's see more, please. (:

  12. Sheean21.2.12

    oh, yes. your drawings just breathe. do, post more of them.

  13. the ordinary things are often times the best!

    Also, your doodles are amazing. Yup.

  14. absolutely true dearie. I absolutely love this post. <3

  15. Beautiful pictures. :D
    Is your book by Apologia? I'm in-between Biology and Physics right now (I got my Physics book before I could finish Biology, and was too impatient. lol) :D
    And yes! I like your drawings... you're very talented. :) I'm excited to see more!


    1. Oh, I would be JUST the same -- eager to start a new book, so barely finishing the old one!
      I'm doing Apologia's 12 grade Anatomy and Physiology. Yes, I'm only in tenth grade but I absolutely love the sciences/biology.
      Aww, well... I don't think I'm that good. But I'll have to share some more with you guys soon. *wink wink*


    2. Awesome! :D If you can get a little ahead of the game, more power to you. lol Maybe if you finish early you can get some college classes in before you start, so you'll already have some credits (if you're wanting to go to college. ;)

      Yes, you should. :D I wouldn't have said anything if I didn't think you were good at it. XD haha

  16. Those sunset photos are seriously gorgeous. <3

  17. i'm so glad you've stumbled across my blog. i've gotten the chance to admire your blog :)
    i'm taking an anatomy and physiology class, too! what's you're major??
    that's one thing we have in common - besides Jesus Christ :)!