spring and windswept drawings

     Wham.  The door slams to a close behind me.  I drag myself down the long white corridor, the tiled floor stained with wet, sloppy-muddy foot prints.  A gray sky lurks ahead, the clouds swollen and full; the rain refusing to fall and only gray continues to overpower the vast sky.
"That weather.  Oh, that weather" Inwardly, I repeat this.  Inwardly, I cry "GO AWAY, winter."  Inwardly, I run through countless emotions - just wishing the drab weather to be thrust somewhere, but not near me.
   But today? The sun is shining.  I hear a lawnmower whir and smell freshly trimmed grass; the sky has a few swollen clouds, but they're not gray and they sit there, plump - happy. Sun splashes nearly every corner of the earth.  A few warm, dark shadows are scattered on the lawn, but besides that the sun is everywhere.  And me?  Well, yes - my heart is shining like the sun.  

a is for archives
 b is for bridge 
c is for castle 
d is for delight 
e is for the ever-growing happiness
 that comes with warm light

the two latest drawings   (webcam quality picture.)  should I watercolour them? 

And are you madly in love with spring?  (I know: everyone is asking this question. But spring truly is gorgeous, dappled with sunshine and golden light and pink blossoms.  How can one not love it?)  

So are you madly in love with this thing called spring?

xx acacia


  1. [this is just a tester comment by me - acacia!]

  2. I love those drawings and your descriptive writing, Acacia.


  3. hey acacia. can you please stop being so amazing? kthanks.
    I'm madly in love with spring and this post, as well :)

    1. who just made my day 100 times better? MARY ANN. Totally.

  4. why is it that your drawings are always so beastly and realistic? i don't know, but it's not fair, and i'm totally trading artsy-ness with you.
    -jocee <3

  5. can i borrow your talent? just, all of it? i'll give it back, i promise. that writing was just so awesome, and your sketches make me want to die. (Not literally.)


  6. Yes, you should watercolor them, they're beautiful! I'm still stuck in the, "grey," but yes, spring is the greatest. *Sun, please come soon!*

  7. beautiful drawings! is the last picture of the girl a picture you copied from?

    Spring is my absolute FAVORITE! I'm not one of those who says that about every season either :P Im a true spring girl :)

  8. girl,i can not get over your writing! seriously,you're amazing!! :) and i love your drawings,they are so cool!

  9. of course I'm madly in love with spring! and your GORGEOUS drawings. xo.

  10. I agree with mary ann. ;) Love those drawings of yours! The look beautiful; I like them just as they are.

  11. Oh my goodness gracious. Acacia, those drawings are ridiculously spectacular! And yes, I do believe that I have a deep affection for spring. Oh, and the drawings: you could watercolor them, but they're already so good, it'd be sad if it made them blur or something. But either way, they'll be fantastic, I'm sure.

  12. beautiful, beautiful. wow, that first picture is ahmazing! and those drawings? equally so. just....wow. i think to watercolor them would look nice.(:
    i do love spring-alot.


  13. Sheean21.3.12


    Acacia, my dear, what did you use to create these jawdropping drawings? (:

    p.s. trace them on another sheet of paper, and then color with watercolor.
    the originals looks stunning as they are.

    1. JUST TO SAY:

      Thank you - to everyone. Each comment put a big smile on my face.


    2. oh, and Sheean - what did i use to create the drawings? well, my hands and motor skills. your watercolour idea was great. thanks!

  14. Hello!
    I love that last picture~