lovely day recipe

  It comes in flows:  the weather is beautifully warm and sunny then a cold spell comes:  bitterness bites, stings noses and freezing fingers.  Currently, the latter is in act.  Maybe this is the same for you... so let's come up for with a recipe for a good day.

sip tea
memorize a verse of scripture
write a free verse poem
go on a walk
(or jog)
praise Jesus
read a chapter of the book you're reading
kiss a little sibling
make some cookies
write to someone
finish something you need to finish
wear something different
turn up the radio and dance
be productive in something
pray for five minutes
pick wild flowers
make your own bouquet
write on how you're inspired
organize a drawer
finish homework
skype a friend
surprise someone
go on free rice
take photos from a different angle
start a gratefulness journal
dunk a chocolate chip cookie into a glass of cold milk
draw a picture
make a silly face
write a wish list
and just do it.  (nike logo.)

xo, acacia

ps  not-so-messy but perfect bun.  what do you think?
pps what would you add to the list?  - let's inspire each other! 


  1. i think i should come to england and do all these things with you. okay? okay. okay.
    -jocee <3

    1. ahh! are you reading the fault in our stars?


  2. I LOVE this post! Such and inspiring "to-do list" (or productivity list).
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Lovely photos! :)

  3. You.. uhh... pictures... ugh.. Where you live... I WANNA BE THERE!!!! Just so you know. ;)

    This needs to be my to do list, even though it's not cold in Hawaii (well, actually it's early morning so it's a little cold for me ;). I love it.

    I love the "kiss a little sibling". Of course, it's slightly harder for me, since my little sibling is a little brother, but oh well, I'll try.

    Anyways, I love this, and your writing... eep! You are so talented, seriously your writing is beyond lovely. It draws me in.


  4. love love love this! I'm going to add some to my spring break to-do list :)

  5. this should be an everyday list.
    your hair looks great.
    also, these pictures... i'm coming to visit.
    that is all.
    have a lovely day, and kiss a kitten.


  6. Love these pictures!! Beautiful! Following. :)

  7. Acacia! I just found your blog and I love it - did you draw the picture you used for the design?

    I love your list also. I would add:
    - go wandering in a nearby field
    - watch Pride and Prejudice
    - climb a tree
    - take the day off Facebook :D

    I will definitely be back.

  8. those photos?! absolutely stunning. love the bun and the brick wall! :)
    your design makes me want to melt -- it's so lovely. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! they always make my day. :)

  9. I simply adore the pictures, Acacia! The list is lovely. Hm, something I would add is tell a funny joke. ;)

  10. I would add to "color something blue." :) Still loving the blog! :)

  11. You are adorable, Acacia. When I saw the title "Lovely day recipe", I thought you were going to actually post a recipe -- you tricked me! ;) The lovely day list is quite cute though.

    You have the prettiest messy bun I have ever seen. :)

  12. Anonymous15.4.12

    I am totally with you on the weather issue. It was lovely the other day, and cold/gloomy today. ps - I adore the messy bun look. Too cute! :)

  13. love the bun! your blog is so cute and i love the simplicity of it :)

    p.s. you write beautifully!

    andrea brionne

  14. you are very rather amazing, in every sense of the word.
    I'd like to add this little detail: never ever procrastinate the day away
    oh and, sketch your siblings sleeping. :)

  15. you are very rather amazing, in every sense of the word.
    I'd like to add this little detail: never ever procrastinate the day away
    oh and, sketch your siblings sleeping. :)