rural + rustic


 a collection of lifestyle photos I took while in plymouth.

 I love simple, rural things in life:  hardwood floors etched  with time, plaid dishclothes filtered with holes, going barefoot on delicately-dewed grass, freckles smeared across a little one's face, campfires crackling in the dark, humid smells and pools and lake water, shadows stretched across the floor - quivering in the light, the way a coo 'moo's' and slowly munches grass, film, black and white photographs, and wild flowers. There's something about objects strung and wrapped with time that I love. 

Have a favourite photo in this collection?



  1. Love the barb wire photo!!

  2. i was going to say something about the cows, but i'd better not, because i don't want to offend them. lovelylovely!
    -jocee <3

  3. this is so lovely, acacia! I think this one is my favorite - I love the colors! :)

  4. these are so pretty! i do love the barb wire photo and the last 2, of flowers, the most i think :)

  5. these are adorable! i love cows :) xx.

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment! You have such a sweet blog. Love the summery feel to these photos - the countryside is always so peaceful! X

  7. This is beautiful! I love the barbed wire too, but all they all look so lovely. Hope to live in an place like this one day! I love the vibrant colours in the first photo :)

  8. Hello Acacia,

    Did you wonder why I haven't commented? No, I'm sure not. I'm not that self-ingradizing to think you would miss my comments.
    But I will tell you where I was gone because I definitely would have commented if I was here. I was off to another Island to help my grandparents.

    But honestly, your blogs is one of my favorites of all times. They way you string words together, effortlessly, yet with such perfection, as to make people feel a certain emotion. It's lovely. Your photography is beautiful, it is like the desert, and your words are the main course. I love reading and looking at your blog.

    "shadows stretched across the floor" You're killing me! It's so good!

    I have to say, my favorite photo is probably the barbed wire. The angle, how the barbed wire goes twisting off into infinity. It's wonderful. But I do love the rocky cliff. It's so cool!


  9. cute photos :)

  10. ah, so pretty. I live in the country so this is exactly what I love most. <3

  11. I like the dew on the grass, I love campfires, lakes, wildflowers, too. )
    Your photos are beautiful!