lately + a little vlog

The kettle has just finished boiling and steam unfurls in wisps and enshrouds this small space near me in the kitchen.  Rain is constantly drip, drip, dripping outside. I can hear see it falling silently and gently, hitting the ground, forming thin pools of rain.  I'm sitting on a stool, my legs crossed and fingers tapping on my family's laptop.  Chocolate cupcakes are in the oven, courtesy of my and Marie's making.  I don't bake often - but this was and a lovely escape from studies during the day.  Aaaand... I decided to do a vlog; scroll down to the bottom of the page and pause the music before playing (or you won't be able to hear :). Also, excuse the awkward zoom in-and-out of the webcam camera and the grainy, bad-quality video.  

   (video has been removed because of personal privacy reasons.  thanks for you understanding!)

one more thing -- my camera has disappeared and I can't find it...  I would appreciate prayers for the finding of it!


  1. I looovee the p&p music in the backgrounddd!!!! :)


  2. Aw! you have the sweetest, kindest voice lady!
    lovely post!
    Where did you used to live in Canada? and why are you in england?

    1. Aww... thanks so much! I lived in Montreal... we're living in England because of my dad's work. :)

  3. These pictures are AMAZING! such a pretty place, and that video is pretty awesome! lol

  4. GAH ACACIA YOU ARE SO CUTE. and i love the way you talk. it's like you have an accent but you don't. you talk like me! oh my gosh. #twintheory #immovingtoenglandnow
    also, in texas right now, it's in the '90's, so be happy. ;)
    -jocee <3

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog!! And what a lovely blog you have! You are a very talented photographer & I am sure you would take the most amazing shots with an DSLR!! Also, I read your "about" section & it's so beautifully written! :)

  6. This just made my day. That was the cutest thing ever. You're just adorable. And I also learned that I have been pronouncing your name wrong. I've been saying it like 'uh-CAY-shuh' like the tree, you know? Well, now I guess I'll just have to retrain myself.


  7. praying you find your camera soon, sweetie! great vlog :)

  8. I loved your vlog. (: Prayers headed your way.

  9. this was so sweet! you really do have the best voice; I just wanted to keep listening to it :) praying that you find your camera, and I'm so excited for you to get a new one! buying the body with the 50mm sounds like an excellent choice. :)

  10. loved your vlog! agreed- your voice is amazing :)
    and i'm hoping you find your camera!

  11. Oh, I could listen to your voice for hours! It's so happy / perky / nice! :)
    England sounds like my kind of place :) I hate the heat, love cool weather and rain.

  12. Anonymous8.6.12

    loved this!! stunning pictures! ooh and i hope and pray you find your camera soon, dear! xoxo

  13. Wonderful post. :) England sounds nice but your pobably right some one most likely would get tiered of the rain. Did you used to live in canada or newyaor or both? sounds nice:) How old are you? You look around my age maby?! lol:) Beautiful Photos!

  14. Absolutely beautiful pictures darl! And I do hope you find your camera soon!

  15. I read your "about me”. Couldn’t have been said any more beautifully. I actually started tearing up at the depth of such beautiful words that have come out of your keyboard. Love your blog and your passion for Christ, such a beautiful thing. I long to serve him in everything I do while living in a selfish world. It is very hard to do so, but I say with the encouragement of the beauty of your blog and your heartfelt words and the encouragement of my posts, I think it’ll give me that boost and energy to go against the flow. :) BTW, I’m going to start following your blog.

  16. Hi, Acacia! I found you're blog through your comment profile on my blog. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it, dear! Your 'about me' page was darling!
    Thanks So much for leaving a comment on my blog! [smile] It {Always} makes my day to get comments from other people!

    You are an Uh-ma-zing photographer!

    Have a lovely day!

    Because of HIM,

  17. oh no!! Hope you find your camera!!