a car ride guide

1.  j o u r n a l  +  l i s t e n  t o  m u s i c 

2.  t a k e  p h o t o s  o f  c a r s

a n d  t h e  s u n s e t  //  s k y //  s u n

. . . a n d (just maybe) a  p l a n e.

3.  b r i n g  a  s n a c k

4.  b r i n g  a  c a m e r a  a l o n g  t o  c a p t u r e  i t  a l l 

  I like the feeling of movement: traveling somewhere; wheels spinning, windows opening, hair tossing, letting things in life unravel in my mind -- dreaming, crisp wind on my face and the sense of embarking. Besides the occasional nauseous feeling from reading or journaling too much, car rides hold a happy place in my heart. They provide the perfect opportunity to (finally) get out the journal, camera and crafting materials. Something about being still and contemplating while scenery rushes past is lovely; car rides are one of my euphoria's

Do you enjoy car rides?


ps // a special thank you to Alannah for doing my design -- I absolutely adore it!  What do you think of it? - yay or nay? 


  1. That snack looks yum. (: And the new design is amazing!!


  2. whoaaaa wait, did you get a new camera? did I miss this? aah! it looks so fancy and perfect!
    I am now going to stalk all of your past blog posts looking for a mention of said camera... :)
    and I love the new header! Alannah did a great job!

  3. LOVE these pictures. they are SO wonderful! I definitely enjoy car rides, for the very same reason. Although, I tend to find myself looking out the window more than focusing on what I have brought along to do. :)

  4. I L O V E T H E S E P I C T U R E S! ;) And the way you wrote your list. Car rides are one of my favorite things. haha. But really. In the car my inspiration comes alive; writing stories, etc. :)

    Beautiful post, Acacia.


  5. Oh, goodness. You and I sound like twinsies. While my sister always complains about having nothing to do in the car and getting sick if she looks down, they are one of my favorite things. I feel like I can just sit and be and get a bundle of things done. In fact, we're going on a 10 hour car trip on Sunday for vacation, so I'll be doing pretty much what you're doing. And maybe working on my sweater.
    Those photos are absolutely gorgeous, dear! I love the new design!

  6. yayayay. I adore road trips. and adore your new design. its lovely.

  7. This is - how do you say - AMAZING? BEAUTIFUL? LOVELY? - clearly words can't adequately describe how wonderfully you capture even the simplest of things in words and photographs. Car rides are never going to be viewed as mundane again, m'dear. ;)

    Your blog design? darling!

    postscript ~ your music is just lovely and fits this blog perfectly. ;)

  8. Anonymous19.7.12

    ok. this be amazing.

  9. The new design is beautiful! And I like all that's in the first photo :)

  10. This was such a great post! I love the pictures!
    I totally agree with Marissa; I like car rides, but I find myself looking out the window and thinking/daydreaming more often then doodling/writing. ;)

  11. i cannot describe just how much i love a good, long, road trip. this was awesome :)

    xo, Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  12. I love road trips so much. They're my favorite. I'm even satisfied staring out the window just seeing the world pass by.
    And I adore this design. So pretty!

  13. Oh my goodness! YAY for the new blog design - so simple, so elegant, so lovely! These are amazing photos, I really love them.

  14. Oh I am so using these tips during the next loooong car ride. Seriously -- I am not exactly an advocate for long rides. I am rather...er...restless -- like a baby, y'know? ;)

    Beautiful design! Alannah did a fantastic job. Love the watercolors in the header!

  15. I love car rides, especially if we're going somewhere exciting. Oh, and a big fat YAY for the blog design. It's so pretty and so you! xo

  16. LOVED this post, Acacia! I was wondering... How much did your camera cost? Why do you prefer cannons over Nikons? I'm planning on getting a camera and have been asking these questions to random people. =)
    Sorry if my questions sound like I'm interrogating you! =)

    1. No worries! I'm happy to answer you!

      I paid £358 ($555) for my Canon T3 and 18-55mm lens. England charges much for any camera! :) In the US, you can normally buy the Canon T3 and kit lens for $499.00 -- amazon price.

      In my opinion, Canons are better -- and no, I don't believe I'm biased. ;) The colour, focus and general image quality is better. Many professional photographers chose Canon over Nikon. I've talked to many photographers and researched a LOT, and have come to a sturdy conclusion: Canon dominates.

      Hope this helps!

      xx Acacia

  17. I love car rides for all the reasons you just stated yes so inspiring!