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| listen to these sounds. |

'Shhh -- it's raining!' A little voice says. She peers out the window; her little breaths penetrating the glass. Sighing and wishing the rain left us and fell somewhere else, I flick my head toward the streaming wet window; raindrops slide lazily down, swelling with their own load. 'It rains a lot in In-gwand.'  Little eyes peer into mine and we lock feelings. 
'Yes; yes, it does.  It rains too much in England, doesn't it?' Absentmindedly, I twirl my finger around the rim of a teacup spewing steam.  I sip.
'It's okay; it's like God is givin' us a lot of water and he wants to give us more water so we don't get hungry, so he gives us more and more rain.' Her small smile gets bigger as she lisps the words. I poise my head to the window again: rain is rushing and streaming and whirling down.


England's current summer has marked the rainiest start to a summer in over 100 years.  (And I'm definitely not too happy about that.)  On average, it has rained every day since the start of summer -- even if you like rain, I don't think it's possible to like it anymore if you've endured this summer.

But we do get the occasional sunny day --

which means we can hang out the laundry, 

do some gardening,

and take lots of photos of the big, beautiful, blue sky.

Are you a rain or sun person?



  1. Acacia!!! Lovely photos. I am probably both - I love going to the beach, taking photos, having picnics and going biking, but I'd also love to entertain myself with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate while hearing the rain tap on my window pane crazily!! This is such a lovely post.

    P.S And the music on your blog (although heard thousands of times because of my countless visits) never fails to make me happy.

  2. I'm sorry that you're getting so much, dear! Here it has hardly rained at all and all of the farmers are suffering because of it. I'm in love with the ones of the yard!
    I'd probably say I'm a sun person, but I enjoy an occasional rainy day to curl up and read a book or watch a movie. :)

    hang in there!

  3. Good heavens- I live out in the Panhandle of Texas and it's so dry that it's not even funny. When we see CLOUDS we get excited! Send of that rain over to Texas, will you Acacia? *smiles*


    p.s. that picture of the pots is really cute.

  4. Anonymous16.7.12

    love that first one!

  5. we don't get rain that much here in CA, even in the winter - so it's a treat to have a sudden storm {my favorites are lightning storms :)}, yet I can perfectly understand how miserable it would be to have a cloudy summer. we have had a triple digit summer here and then it all of the sudden turns bitterly cold - fickle weather. *hits head*

    beautiful post, m'dear! your style of writing is always just lovely.

    oh, and thank you for the comment! i always love receiving them from you. ;)

    >>------> happily tending her garden @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

  6. What beautiful pictures. I not only love rain but I adore thunderstorms! Reminds me of God's great power :)

  7. I'm definitely a rainy-day kinda girl... but every day would probably get to be too much. Sending you some sunshine from Arizona ;)

    xo, Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  8. aah, how are your photos always so amazing? I love the sunflare and the blue blue sky!
    rainy days are nice once in a while, but I can see how it would be easy to get tired of them.
    also, I love love love Rainy Mood! favorite website ever.

  9. These are beautiful! I don't know if I can pick whether I'm a rain or sun person - I love both. Though I do have a special fondness for rainy days and such, so I'll have to say rain. :)

  10. rain, so I think I'll move to England. (:

  11. your photos are so beautiful. (:
    and i'd have to say i'm especially fond of rain - i do love a sunny day every once in a while.

  12. Great photos and blog, newest follower here!
    I reaaally like rainy weather, but I understand you can get fed up with it if it rains 24/7.

  13. O my goodness your photography is amazing! Love it!

  14. I love your photos! I'm more of a sun-loving person, but I do enjoy a rainy day on occasion (when there's coffee brewing and I have a good book I love to cozy up while it's raining. :))