F E E L  the wind tumbling in wisps and circles, wrapping itself around me. a chill threading itself down my back as my feet slap the wet pavement.  damp clinging to me, shoulders drooped and hands clenched in the coolness.

S M E L L  cool, fresh, crisp, cold air and a homey wood stove scent.

T O U C H  soft and creeping kitty, half-cold mittens, puddles that gleam, snow landing delicately on long roads and zooming cars and branches and me.

H E A R  purr of cat, the whisper and push of a breeze and a bird cawing.

S E E  sun and light fading, darkness prevailing, a child bobbing up and down on its father's shoulders, street lamps standing tall and unwavering against a heavy deep blue sky, and a bus pushing and moving through the dark streets.

There is such beauty in life if we really search for the good and simple things in the everyday. 



  1. You are so right! There is so much beauty hidden in the simple days.
    Lovely photos!

  2. You are such a lovely writer. xo

  3. oh, acacia. your posts are always SO lovely! I want to come visit you in England, kay? ;) xoxo | grace

  4. love this. recognizing those little things is always wonderful. xx

  5. I feel SO much right now Acacia -- oh gawd, these senses and feels that come to mind when reading this.. overwhelming. Your pictures are so authentic, and BEAUTIFUL. xo

  6. I always come to your blog, knowing you'll always have something beautiful in store to share. And that was absolutely extraordinaire.

    Jemimah C. // Ink & Iridescence

  7. Woow really deep thoughts
    I can smell a little bit of nostalgic athmosphere here...:)

    xx Barbora♥

  8. This is GREAT, Acacia, so lovely!

  9. Ahhh, the simple things really are the best, and a whole post about them!
    Street lights in puddles and silhouettes of trees; and is that your calico cat?? I have a soft spot for calicos.... <3


  10. Lovely photographs! and your writing is beautiful! x

  11. Your blog is such a breath of beauty.

  12. Hey there.
    This is amazing. And so are YOU!
    I'm a super huge fan of number eight- very creative. I love one and two also! (Oh, and every single other one. ;)
    I just realized that your writing reminds me of Ann Voskamp, which is a feat I've yet to accomplish. So perfectly poetic and descriptive.

    I got your email today and when I heard the little ding (it dings when I get emails on my phone) my happy level went up about ten notches. I love it because just about every day around four o' clock I know to anticipate that lovely little "ding".

    Happy Tuesday!
    Lindsey Lou

  13. Totally in heaven. Such beautiful images and words.