eat, sleep, create, v.3 | spring edition

In the midst of daffodils blooming and breezes pushing through fresh white curtains, I've been painting with my favourite watercolour spring hues.  Although this is last years' watercolour, I have been working on another watercolour project (to be shared soon!).  

p a i n t i n g s

1) I copied Vincent Vangough's famous 'Sunflower' painting, using watercolours.  The end result of my painting ended up being no bigger than my hand; it's a quaint size and was fun to paint.

2) This is a watercolour I did in my moleskine.  After buying a few items of clothing at Gap, I was inspired by the clothes' vibrant hues and I decided to do a quick watercolour of them.  Encapsulating the colours of spring and transforming them into one's own interpretation is truly blissful and opens wide the doors of creativity. 

What do you think of the result? 

xo, acacia


  1. Oh, Acacia, your paintings are beautiful! I love them! Your miniature-size take on Vincent Vangough's is simply wonderful! And the watercolor of your clothing and spring colors is so pretty! You are so talented!

    Have a wonderful day, lovely!

  2. I love the cute little sidebar pictures, lady! Also, you are all sorts of lovely. :) x

  3. this is absolutely lovely, Acacia. :) you are so talented! i've never tried watercolor painting (although i would love to!) and the 'bottled' paints never agreed with me. ;) perhaps i shall try it, though. i love these "eat sleep create" editions. :)

    xo, Mikailah

  4. Love this! You're pictures are always so beautiful and your paintings are so, so gorgeous!!!

  5. ugh. to much loveliness in one post. you are so talented, dearie. plus, I adore the little sidebar icons. asdfghjkl! so cute.

  6. You're going to be a BIG artist-painter one day, I just know it! They're lovely!

    xo, Jemimah

  7. Your watercolor always looks beautiful, dear. And your words always leave me feeling like there's a warm blanket around me.

    Last weekend I helped some people move into their home and I was in charge of unpacking clothes for the mom of the family. It was so much fun to pick up all those dainty things and sweet blouses. Clothes are so inspiring and an all-round feel good :)

  8. Dear Acacia,

    Oh, this is lovely. Your photos are in such perfect symmetry to your writing. I love how those real flowers are the same colour as your sunflower picture. And by the way, your art is so inspiring. I do wish I could do art. Sadly, not so. Still it is wonderful to see such great artists as yourself. :)

    And how is is, even in your simple posts, your writing still manages to be so effortlessly smooth and *cough cough* above normal standards of blogs? ;) I always love reading your writing.

    I'm glad you're doing well. I know how you feel about writing the good things. It's hard to write about the disgusting, unwanted things. But life is life, and how would we appreciate the good if there wasn't the bad to compare? The shadow proves the sunshine. (hey, what music do you like to listen to? what are your favorite books? why have I never asked you such important questions? ;)).

    Ok, I'll stop taking all the commenting space.

  9. Of course, Van Gogh is magnificent. Your recreation is splendid. Happy Spring, Acacia!

  10. pretty lady, I can't really manage to begin to describe how incredibly beautiful this is! your watercolor of van gogh's painting is just stunning! love it oh so very much as well as the lovely painter who painted it. ;) xx

  11. so lovely!!! GREAT job!!

  12. Ohh so lovely! Your watercolor work is stunning. You have some awesome talent!

  13. great post! Love your blog