Can you feel life?

What does it mean to truly experience life? 

Does, without sound, life become a series of pictures?  And without sight, life becomes a series of sounds?  How do our senses affect our perceptions of life and living and those around us? 
Close your eyes, can you feel life?


And yet, I do not know my destination.

Tomorrow does not exist until it is here.  All we have for certain is today.  We have now.  We do not own yesterday; it belongs to the past.  We have now, and that is enough. Something needs to break.  Chains need to loosen.  Prisoners to our own thoughts, we must be set free.  Run toward Him who created us. 


Something on my mind lately:  the concept and act of waiting.  We must wait patiently for the Lord and He will hear our cry and answer.  But while we are in that 'waiting' stage - that moment between 'do' and 'don't', 'stay' and 'go' - we are locked into a space which is untouchable, intangible, unrecognisable, living between the tension of leaving and going, rising and falling. It is unbearable sometimes.  How can we find a balance between the past and future, and better yet, how can we dive deeper, fuller and become more resonant and knowledgeable human beings in the meantime - in the process of leaning and waiting?  Waiting:  we are where we have never been and where we never will be again, and yet we hope for more.  We wait, perhaps, for something bigger than ourselves.  What if all we ever needed was now.  Now is, in fact, all we need - so long as God is wrapped into and glorified in that moment.  I ache for Him.  For His perfection, for His beauty.  I desire to become so entangled in His Holiness that most feeling for this world drips off my mind like an icicle on summer days.


 On another (and more superficial) note! I've been spilling countless thoughts into my journal in the past few months but have neglected sharing any of them here... life becomes busy, procrastination takes the front seat and somehow I forget my deep love for blogging amidst life's hustle.  Here's to bright and beautiful beginnings

All my love xx


  1. Oh, my word. These words are just what I needed. They breathe of truth and beauty and rawness.

    "Waiting: we are where we have never been and where we never will be again, and yet we hope for more. We wait, perhaps, for something bigger than ourselves."

    ^^ yeah, i think you struck a chord, m'dear. xx

  2. mm. these words resonate with me; especially right now. we wait, we hope, we ponder, we hold onto things that should only be remembered, dust in the wind, memories of yesterday. waiting is hard. and that line... "we wait, perhaps, for something bigger than ourselves." so, so true.

    honestly, i love this so much. this is beautiful and raw and honest and real & i needed to read this tonight. <3

    xox, m

  3. This is so very true and your words are held deep within me, Acacia! Beautiful writing and photos as well. x

    Jianine | Oh wander