instagram finalists

                                                                     our finalists are...

 k e n d a l l
Traveling is in my blood, whimsical clouds are one of my favorites, and being in planes is so much fun -- I knew from the very beginning that this photo would be a finalist.

a n a

I love the four palm tree's silhouette, the setting sun, and the overall simplicity of this photo.

k i a n n a
I get nostalgic when I look at this photo... It brings back lovely memories sitting on the shore at a young age listening to waves lap, sea gulls caw, and the sun beaming.

j a n e t
This picture of pictures is wonderful.  A collage on the back of one's door? -- yes, please! 

   Go on -- vote away!  And why not name your favorite in a comment?


  1. All of the photos are absolutely lovely! I'm excited to see who wins!!!

  2. Ooh, i LOVE Kendall's picture! i have never been on a plane, and the picture is just so pretty. the two combined made that picture a winner in my eyes :) oh, and i LOVE your new design! so vintage and cute :)


  3. Thank you so much! <3 They all look great. :)

  4. Anonymous30.8.11

    Thanks so much for choosing me! I LOVE all the other finalists!! :)

  5. I personally love Kendall's photo. Although I think she took my heart with her on that plane trip...Oh how I long to just GO.

  6. Swollen clouds, like cushions, overlaid with a duvet of clear air, cradling this red-tipped and shiny silver bird as it jets safely towards its destination...a great image Kendall!

  7. Hey! The advertising sale is done tonight, are you sure you can't get a paypal, i'm sure one of your parents have paypal you can use? otherwise, I don't know what else we can do! sorry!

  8. Anonymous1.9.11

    Wow, those are all amazing! :) But my favourite is Kendall's.


  9. Anonymous1.9.11

    beautiful photos. clouds are so inspirational.

  10. Hey Acacia - you asked on my blog, I use Lightroom 3 to edit my photos and I love it!

    Have I told you that I love your new blog design? :)

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